[Guide] Best loadout for the Milano 821 in Warzone Season 4

The Milano 821 is being hailed by some as the new SMG meta following the Warzone Season 4 update patch, which buffed this weapon by a significant margin. Perhaps most notably, JGod recently did a video in which he showed why he thinks the Milano is "Top Tier" this season.



While the Milano is more difficult to use than other SMG's, it has solid range damage for an SMG and a fast time to kill. When you equip this gun with the right attachments, it can dominate in close and long-range encounters, which is a rare combination for an SMG in Warzone. With the Milano 821 on the upswing, we put together a quick build guide so that you can maximize this beast of an SMG in Warzone Season 4!


Best attachments to use for the Milano 821 in Warzone

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 10.5" Ranger Barrel
  • Field Agent Grip
  • STANGAG 55 Rnd Drum
  • Optic of your choice

This build is pretty much the meta for the Milano 821. The suppressor boosts the accuracy of the gun, the grip improves the weapons control, and the barrel increases its ranged effectiveness. 


Agency Suppressor

It likely comes as no surprise, but you should run this weapon with a suppressor. The suppressor will reduce the recoil and keep you off enemy minimaps. This attachment is particularly useful with the Milano, where you can expect to be taking a lot of engagements at a variety of ranges. Having that suppressor on there just gives you some extra peace of mind that you aren't drawing too much attention to yourself during gunfights.


10.5" Ranger Barrel

The 10.5" Ranger Barrel for the Milano gives you a full +100% bullet velocity, which is a huge buff to this gun's already impressive ranged effectiveness. In exchange, you will take a hit to your aim walking movement speed, but it's well worth the extra velocity. 


Field Agent Grip

What use is the ranged damage on a weapon, if you can't control its recoil? That is where the Field Agent Grip comes in. While using this grip, you will have reduced horizontal and vertical recoil, which helps turn this gun into a deadly laser. Even if you are decent at recoil control, reducing the recoil further only makes this gun more fun to play.


STANGAG 55 Rnd Drum Magazine

Rounding off this loadout, we have the extended drum magazine for the Milano 821. With 55 bullets you can feel confident taking longer range duels without having to reload in the middle of a gun fight. Up close, reloading during a gun fight can be deadly, and far away it can let the enemy escape. In either case, you are going to want to have the extra bullets.


Optic of your choice

You can run this meta build of the Milano 821 with a magnified optic or with a standard red dot, depending on what range you want to engage at. This gun is surprisingly good at long range, so a lot of folks are running this Milano loadout with a 2x or even 3x scope, but ultimately its up to your own personal preference.  

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