Warzone Season 4 Tactical Equipment tier list

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The tactical equipment you choose in Warzone can often be the difference between surviving and going to the Gulag. When it comes to selecting tactical equipment you want to choose something that matches your playstyle and helps maximize your potential in the gunfight. For more passive, methodical players the heartbeat sensor is a must-have, while more enterprising aggressors may find the stun grenade or smoke grenade to fit the bill.


Here is our power ranking of every piece of tactical equipment in Warzone Season 4. 


Heartbeat Sensor

The Heartbeat Sensor has been the unquestioned tactical equipment meta for a few seasons now. This extraordinarily powerful piece of equipment is S-Tier because it helps you locate enemies on the battlefield, through walls. While it can be countered using the ghost perk, most players won’t even have access to their permanent perks until mid-game, or even late game in some instances, so this is the ultimate piece of equipment for picking off enemy squads throughout the early part of a match.



Stun Grenade

For those who would prefer a physical advantage over an intelligent one, the Stun Grenade is a solid piece of tactical equipment in Warzone Season 4. This grenade does exactly what it sounds like it does, it stuns and slows enemies who are hit by it for a few moments. If you do hit an enemy with it, you will also receive a hitmaker, so you will know they have been stunned. Overall, this grenade can give you a huge upper hand in a fight, especially a late-game fight where enemies have fewer places to hide from your stuns.


Smoke Grenade

While many have debated the efficacy of the smoke grenade in Warzone, I will die on this hill. I think the smoke grenade is one of the stronger pieces of equipment in Warzone Season 4, since it can be used offensively or defensively. It is arguably the most effective way of moving across open areas without being sniped, and for the short-range weapon connoisseur, it can help you close distance on an enemy who is outside your optimal range. If you have never run with a smoke in Warzone, try it out, you might be surprised how cool this piece of equipment is.



Flash Grenade

The flash grenade is a classic piece of equipment in Call of Duty, and it is a solid if unexciting pick for Warzone Season 4. The flash grenade’s primary use is pretty similar to the stun grenade, it incapacitates enemies. Where the stun grenade is good at hitting someone who is playing defensively in cover, the flash grenade is a good tool for slowing down an aggressive enemy by blinding them. If you are an old-school player, you might enjoy using this classic piece of COD equipment.



Gas grenade

Aside from being a Warcrime whose use is banned by the geneva convention, gas grenades are just not that useful in Warzone. The gas grenade is most useful for cutting off a path that you know an enemy squad wants to take since the gas will force them to choke and cough, giving you the upper hand. Weirdly enough, the gas grenade doesn’t even force someone to activate their gas mask (it probably should), so at least you can rely on it doing its thing, even in the late game. In my experience, however, this equipment isn’t as useful as the higher-tiered options.




Stim is a piece of equipment designed to increase your survivability by instantly giving you a boost to your health and refreshing your spring ability. Situationally, this can definitely be useful, but it’s not nearly as versatile as most of the other equipment options. I don’t know many folks who use this equipment in Warzone Season 4.


Snapshot Grenade

The snapshot grenade is basically a wallhack ability. You throw the grenade into an area where an enemy is, and it will detect them and show you an outline through the wall. This sounds really useful, and it can be useful in standard multiplayer modes, but in Warzone it makes more sense to use the heartbeat sensor since it is reusable and won’t reveal your location to enemies like throwing a grenade will. This is a fun one to mess around with, but when the chips are down, just use the heartbeat sensor.


Decoy grenade

The decoy grenade does exactly what it sounds like. Upon throwing this grenade, it will activate on the radar and imitate random gunfire. If you are trying to distract someone, you can throw it over a few buildings, and then escape. Unfortunately, it’s immediately obvious that the decoy grenade is a decoy to the trained ear, so I wouldn’t run this in Warzone Season 4.

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