TSM Huni on DWG KIA's recent roster changes: "I don't think that was an easy decision for kkOma."

Source: Oshin Tudayan/Riot Games via ESPAT


Alongside Counter Logic Gaming, TSM is one of two teams in the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series to not make a single roster move ahead of or during the Summer Split. TSM's stability has allowed the team to build upon its top 3 finish in spring. TSM is 1-1 in week 4 after a win against against FlyQuest and a loss to Evil Geniuses, TSM is 4-1 in its last five games, 8-3 this summer, and cumulatively, is tied for 1st place in the LCS with 100 Thieves at a record of 20-9. 



Roleswaps have been all the rage this summer, and  not just in the LCS. Defending world champion DWG KIA has recently benched starting AD carry Jang "Ghost" Yong-jun, moved mid laner Heo "ShowMaker" Su to his role, started Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong in the jungle and moved jungler Kim "Canyon" Geon-bu to the solo lanes alongside top laner Kim "Khan" Dong-ha.With its new altered lineup, DWG KIA is 3-1 in its last four matches with a game score of 7-3. 


Following TSM's most recent match, top laner Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon shared his thoughts with Inven Global on DWG KIA's recent roleswaps.


"I think it's really interesting, honestly," said Huni. "I'm not sure, but if I'm imagining it, I feel like that decision was not easy to make in terms of how kkOma is making it. I was surprised at how kkOma could actually handle that, too. I don't think that was an easy decision for kkOma. I was surprised, but it's good to see. They've gotten some wins, too, so it's not bad, and in the long term, it should be good."


Huni is far more familiar with DWG KIA head coach Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun than most players because of his time as a top laner on SK Telecom T1 in 2017, where kkOma coached from 2013-2019. Huni knows how it feels to be sat for another player — kkOma benched him in favor of Park "Untara" Ui-jin for a large portion of 2017, and the experience gave him perspective on how a player should respond to being taken out of a starting role.


"It depends on the team's approach, and also, the player has to be able to take a benching responsibility," Huni explained.  "You should feel more challenged by getting benched or swapped out when the team is trying a lot of stuff, but there are still a lot of players who might not be able to...how do you say it....swallow it, in a good way."


Huni was clear in how he felt about how players should handle a benching, but clarified that as a competitor, he empathizes with those watching the competition from the bench, regardless of circumstance:   I've been in that spot before...when I got benched on SKT, it was not fun."

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