KT Harp: “I want to become a player that makes opponents feel pressured. I want them to say, “It’s really tough facing Harp.””


On June 25, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, kt Rolster swept DRX 2-0. Starting from the draft, kt Rolster went ahead and they showed better performance and better macro during the game to clinch the victory. After the match, rookie support Lee “Harp” Ji-yoong joined Inven for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


I’m happy that we had a clean 2-0 victory, but it’s a bit regretful since I didn’t show a good enough performance.


Dove was picked as the player of the game twice today. How is it playing as his teammate?


Dove’s form these days is great. He seldom trails to the opponent mid laner, and his style goes well with the current meta. He’s very trustworthy.


How did you debut and join kt Rolster?


I first played the team game preparing for the 2019 KeG. After that, the whole roster except the top laner joined a challengers team. When the LCK was getting franchised, kt Rolster contacted me and I got to join the academy team. Now I’m here in the LCK.


You beat DWG KIA 2-0 in your debut match. It must have felt amazing.


I was very excited about my debut alone, and I didn’t feel much emotion even after we won. But when I got back home, it came to me that I really won my debut match against DWG KIA. I replayed the games over and over again and thought ‘Am I really playing in the LCK?’


But you lost two straight games after that.


I was confident because I won my debut match, but it was very regretful since we lost the matches we could have won. Still, the teams we faced were all strong teams and I’m just a rookie. I think it was a good experience. But… It’s always regretful when we lose.


Which champion are you the most confident playing?


I’m the most confident in playing Thresh. Then it’s Sett and Yuumi.


Isn’t Yuumi quite different from Thresh and Sett?


Yuumi has a unique style of fun. I’m ready whenever there’s a chance to play.


How is it playing offline at LoL Park?


It really feels like I’m playing in the LCK. The fans are watching from very close; they make me play better when I’m doing well and when I’m not, they make me focus more on the game.


How is Zzus helping you?


Zzus looks after me well all the time. He answers my questions well and we share what we know. I personally rely on him a lot.


What’s your goal this summer?


First, it’s getting to the playoffs. If my form gets better, I believe we have what it takes to place high. This year, there are four tickets to Worlds. It’s not impossible for us to get there if I play well.


Then what would be your goal as a pro gamer?


Whatever tournament it is, I want to become a player that makes opponents feel pressured. I want them to say, “It’s really tough facing Harp.”


Any last comments?


We’ve played against most of the strong teams in the first round this season. What’s ahead of us is more important now. I’ll prepare well so that we could win all the remaining matches. I’ll also improve fast so that I could become a player that fans could depend on. Please cheer for me a lot.

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