KANNO earns world record in Super Mario 64's worst speedrunning category

Source: Nintendo

After 27 hours and 30 minutes of straight old-school 3d platforming (and glitching), Japanese Twitch streamer KANNO officially earned the world record in a speedrunning category that no one could ever conceivably ask for: the 1600 Star speedrun.


Yes, you read that correctly, KANNO is now the proud world champion in Super Mario 64's worst thought through speedrunning category.


The 1600 Star meme speedrunning category involves completing Super Mario 64 100 times in a row, using the 16-star completion route every time.  After over a day of straight playing, KANNO celebrated the completion of his silly, but impressive, feat, with more of a sigh of relief than an animated expression of excitement. And who can blame him, after competing for 27 and a half hours?


He ran the unorthodox speedrun in celebration of Super Mario 64's 25th anniversary! KANNO and the other runners who continue to religiously stream this game and advance the world record continue to add to the legacy of Super Mario 64 a quarter of a century later.


KANNO is no stranger to the top of the Super Mario 64 speed run leader board. The legendary speedrunner currently holds six different world records in various Super Mario 64 categories, including many of the most prestigious and competitive categories, such as:


  • 16 star N64
  • 0 Star N64
  • 1 Star Emulator 
  • 16 Star Emulator
  • 0 Star Emulator

Of those records, he most recently placed a very impressive 14:58 time to claim the 16 Star Nintendo 64 record on June 12th, 2021. He is currently one of only two people in recorded history to complete the game in under 15:00, with only fellow Japanese streamer akki joining him.



If you take a look at the records for Super Mario 64, you will find a very active community of runners from all around the world who continue to test this game's limit on a daily basis, 25 years later. That is a testament not only to the staying power of this game and its flawed but beautiful mechanics, it is also a testament to the passionate speedrunning community behind it.

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