BRO Hoya: "Our team has never won consecutive matches in a row, so I'm ready to start winning."

In a match that pretty much everyone in the community expected DWG KIA to win, Fredit BRION was able to take the huge upset victory. The series victory was a one that felt like every member of the team played an equal part in contributing to their victory.


Before his tenure on Fredit BRION, Yoon “Hoya” Yong-ho, had his fair share of growing pains. Watching his gameplay tonight made me realize that he’s come a long way since his days of losing in Challengers Korea, as he was able to shut down a world-class top laner like Kim “Khan” Dong-ha.

First, how do you feel about beating DWG KIA tonight?


Due to our losing streak, our team atmosphere wasn’t that great; I’m glad that we’re able to break that negative momentum tonight. I think the biggest factor behind our victory was getting feedback from two junglers that have a very different playstyle from one another. Also, my teammates also did very well in improving their laning phases as well, so the culmination of everything led to us defeating DWG KIA.


Fredit BRION defeated DWG KIA back in round 1 of the 2021 LCK Spring split as well. Is there a particular reason behind this trend?


I don’t think there is. However, facing DWG KIA’s new roster was very favorable for us, because I personally think that our bot lane has a very strong laning phase. So, I think that we had the advantage on a fundamental level.

Today, you played Gwen, which was a very aggressive pick. Are you confident on aggressive champions like her?


I’ve always been confident with aggressive champions, but it sucks that my confidence couldn’t transition into match performance. I don’t think I’ve found my style quite yet, and I plan to do so this split.


There’s a lot of criticism on your laning phase. How do you respond to the sentiment?


I think I still have a lot to improve in my laning, especially when it comes to utilizing my jungler. It’s something that I’m focused on during scrims, as well as when I’m duo queuing with UmTi.


How do you rate your own performance tonight against DWG KIA?


I made a lot of mistakes in the early levels. I asked my jungler to watch my lane, but UmTi said that he’s going bot side, so I had to deal with the enemy ganks/roams on my own. In the end, we won, so while I don’t think I didn’t do too terribly, there’s still a ton that I need to work on.

Your head coach, Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom, always like to play around the bot side of the map, ever since his Samsung Galaxy days.


Oddly enough, he always tells us to watch our top side more.


One of the Korean LCK casters, CloudTemplar, says that you can never give Sett or Gnar to Hoya. Do you feel more confident on those two champions?


Yes, because I think the two champions can have a firm control of the game. Especially Sett, because he’s able to be flexed into multiple roles.


How do you rate Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu’s Qiyana? What’s your overall impression of his performance on a champion that’s strong in solo queue, but weak in competitive play?


It was quite hard to deal with. I personally think that my itemization was really bad. It’s very hard for Qiyana to one-shot Gnar, but because I didn’t have a lot of defensive items, I got one-shot a lot.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Our team has never won consecutive matches in a row, so I'm ready to start winning. Our next match is against NS RedForce, and I personally feel that their playstyle is similar to ours, so I predict a very fun match.

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