Nuguri on homesickness: “Sometimes, when my gameplay isn’t good… Mostly then, I think about Korea.”

▲ Source: FunPlus Phoenix


The LPL summer season has been up and running for a few weeks, and not everything has been going as fans expected. RNG who had a late start due to the MSI is low in the standings. Things hadn't been that perfect for Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon as well, as FunPlus Phoenix lost in the finals of the spring split. Nuguri wasn't fully satisfied, but he thought of it positively. As he is back for the summer season, Nuguri joined Inven for a brief interview. 


How have you been during the break?


I had all the rest I could want. I did whatever I wanted to do, played other games, and slept when I wanted to sleep. I lived kind of like an animal.


What did you feel playing in the LPL for a season?


I learned that there were a lot of top laners that are really good and I learned the LPL style more. I learned their qualities such as seeing the angle in skirmishes and things like that.


What’s the difference between LPL and LCK top laners?


The LPL top laners like playing very tight from level 1, and they all like playing aggressively. In that matter, the Korean top laners consider the team game more. Recently, all the players are getting similar, but there are pros and cons of each style.


Which top laner was the most memorable?


It wasn’t during an official game, but the most memorable was Bin.


It must have been regretful for you that you weren’t able to be at the MSI.


Honestly, when we lost in the finals, I was quite angry, but after everything was over, I thought it wasn't that bad. I would have had to go and come from Iceland and the quarantine is long — having quality rest and re-energizing myself was alright. Back then, it was so regretful. I think I can say this because it’s in the past.


When I watched the MSI, it was quite interesting since they were talking about champions like Lee Sin going to the top lane.


If you were to come back to Korea, how would you spend your time?


I would be with the people who I want to be with, talk with them, play games… Spend time with my family. I think those things give me strength.


Do you ever miss Korea?


I’d be lying if I said no. Sometimes, when my gameplay isn’t good… Mostly then, I think about Korea. When that happens, I go for a walk, talk with my friends or family to get more strength to play again.


How is it being in FPX?


I think it’s quite noisy. It’s pretty much the same as the streams. I think it’s a bit quieter since Khan or GimGoon aren't here — I don’t really talk that much, so it should be quieter than when they were here. It’s similar to what I saw in the streams. I’m getting along alright with my teammates.


What are your resolutions for the summer season?


I really want to get to Worlds. Frankly, I don’t have that many resolutions. If I really get back to my senses, I’ll discuss it again.


▲ Source: FunPlus Phoenix

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