Ludwig banned from YouTube, ending 618-day upload streak

Source: Ludwig Ahgren

Update 6/15/21: Ludwig's account was unbanned by YouTube on Tuesday, and the video that caused the ban initially has been reinstated with an age gate.



Original Article: Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren took to Twitter on Monday evening to announce that he has been banned from YouTube for a week, after Monday's video was flagged for "child safety." The ban ended Ludwig's impressive 618-day upload streak on the site and caused #FreeLudwig to trend on Twitter.



The video in question was reportedly a "you laugh, you lose" formatted video. This type of content involves a creator reacting to a compilation of clips designed to make them laugh, with the goal being that they prevent themselves from laughing. It is unclear which part of the video might have triggered the ban.


Fans took to Twitter to mourn the ending of the nearly two-year streak, while other fans started a campaign to "free ludwig" from the ban.


Ludwig rocketed to unprecedented success earlier this year, following a historic month-long subathon during which he broke the Twitch subscription record, passing former record holder Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. Ludwig has an active presence on both Twitch and YouTube, though we might not see him on YouTube for the next week, depending on how the platform responds to the ongoing #FreeLudwig campaign. 

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