Everything new coming to Warzone Season 4

Source: Raven Software/Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone's fourth season is dropping on Thursday, June 17th. The new season is bringing new weapons, a new vehicle, a Warzone Map update, and more! Here is all the content you can look forward to in Warzone Season 4!


Warzone New Weapons in Season 4

Two new guns will release alongside the Season 4 kick-off, both as part of the battle pass.


At tier 15 of the Warzone Season 4 battlepass, players will unlock the MG 82 LMG. This LMG is designed with the fastest possible fire rate in mind, making it the perfect companion for the spray and pray warriors among us.


At tier 31, players will gain access to the C58 Assault Rifle. This heavy-hitting, low recoil rifle  could shake up the stale AR meta and perhaps even challenge the XM4, KRIG, and FFAR that dominated the past season.

Warzone's Season 4 Map update

The new season will not introduce a brand new map, but it will bring some new updates to Verdansk. Starting on Thursday, a number of satellites will crash to the earth. Players will be able to interact with Sat-Link impact sites to earn rewards. Note Sat-Links won't show up on your tactical map, so you will have to find them by exploring the world manually.



Additionally, a new hijacked gulag will be added to Warzone Season 4, which replaces the current version of the gulag with a map designed after the map Hijacked. Of course, this one will be set in a dusty prison, but the layout of the map will be the same at least.   


Raven Software explained, "This truncated version features a plywood re-creation of the yacht’s central area, a prime location for important objectives such as a Domination flag in Multiplayer, which has the same location as the Overtime flag spawn during a Gulag duel."


The new map will also feature some mysterious red doors that will reportedly allow players to move about the map in new ways. We will have to wait for the season to launch to get the full run down on these doors.



The downtown tower added as part of the '80s Action Heroes event is also here to stay. The location will now be referred to as Downtown Tower.


New vehicle in Warzone Season 4: Dirt Bike

For those looking to shred some gnar in Warzone, the new season is bringing the dirt bike vehicle. The vehicle has high levels of maneuverability, making it perfect for dodging enemy bullets while speeding off into the distance.



New Warzone Season 4 gamemodes

Two new game modes are coming for Season 4. At launch, players will be able to experience the Verdansk Resurgence Mini mode. This mode copies the Rebirth Island Resurgence experience, but on Verdansk. It will feature 45 operators max, and games will be fine with more compact landing zones and circles already marked on the map. This mode will be available in solos, duos, trios, and quads!


The all-new Payload mode will be coming midseason to Warzone. The new mode is Warzone's first objective-based mode, and will involve 40 operators escorting vehicles across the map. More details about this mode will be released later this season.



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