DK Khan on preparing for the Summer split: "It felt like everything reset and we had to start from square one."

On day 3 of the 2021 LCK Summer split, DWG KIA managed to defeat T1 2-1 in the second match of the day. As Jayce in game 1 and as Akali in game 3, the top laner for DWG KIA, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha was selected as the Player of the Game (PoG) in both of the games he won.


After the match, Khan joined the press room for a quick interview. He first commented, “I’m really glad that we won our first match of the split. It seems like our form isn’t too shabby, so we’ll work hard in winning the split.” In returning to LoL Park for matches, he commented, “It’s been two whole years since I last played at LoL Park; it definitely feels much better that it’s not online anymore. Everything feels fresh.”


In game 2 of the series, DWG KIA chose top Rumble-jungle Nocturne. In the current competitive meta, the champions are normally played in flipped roles, and Khan provided the reason why they did what they did. “I think that champions that can be flexed into multiple roles are really good right now, so we wanted to make the most of its flexibility. We felt that Nocturne vs Sejuani was a much better jungle matchup.”


On the comeback victory in game 3, he also commented, “We had a weak early game team composition, so we waited until we hit our power spike. We saw the opportunity to take the fight when T1 was going for their 3rd dragon, and we won that teamfight due to the difference in the level of focus.”


After returning from MSI, DWG KIA had no time to rest. When asked about the practice routine for the Summer split, Khan commented, “Because the Summer split patch is completely different from MSI’s, it felt like everything reset and we had to start from square one. Fortunately, things are falling well into place, so everything’s becoming better.”


Khan also shared what he learned from MSI. “Every league has their own interpretation of the current meta. A lot of different leagues played at MSI, so we told ourselves to take the good from other leagues’ interpretations, while discarding the things that don’t work for us. We talked a LOT about that topic.”


Lastly, on the topic of where he thinks the team’s currently at, Khan shared, “We’re only 30% ready. There’s a lot that frustrates us because they haven’t been solved yet. We’re always thinking about how we can overcome our flaws; we’ll find the best solutions through scrims, and figure out the best champions to thrive in the meta through playing solo queue.”

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