[LCK] GEN Bdd: "This season is quite chaotic — it’ll take a long time for teams to figure out the meta."


On June 11, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, Gen.G defeated DRX 2-1. It was DRX who took the first game, but Gen.G managed to strike back in the following games. In this match, Gen.G mid laner, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s performance was outstanding. He was voted as the Player of the Game in games 2 and 3. After the match, he sat with Inven Global to talk about today’s game, the meta, and coming back to LoL Park.



How do you feel being back at LoL Park in front of the crowd?


I was so glad to play in front of fans again, and I’m very relieved that we won our first match of the season.


I didn’t really like playing back at the team facility since I liked playing at LoL Park. When I first heard that LCK will be played offline and that fans could be there, I was very excited. I felt happy just preparing for the match.


How was the game today? How was the feedback after losing game 1?


The main feedback after game 1 was that we should have played better at the dragon teamfight. There were several other things as well, but they weren’t too difficult to fix so we discussed them and prepared for the second game.


I think DRX’s game plan today was to play slow and win through gathering up. We were able to catch that and tried to counter their strategy through the draft or our plays. It worked alright and we were able to win.


DRX and Gen.G both picked the red side. Most teams say that the blue side is more advantageous. What happened today?


I think we picked the red side from what we felt during game 1. As much as it’s early in the season, there are champions that are good in official games and champions that are good in scrims but not good in official games. We tried to figure that out.


Many different champions are appearing and people are saying any champion can appear. How’s the mid lane meta?


Truly, any champion can appear. In the current meta, I think the mid lane champion should be picked after our team comp is decided, a champion that goes well with the comp.


Today, one of those champions was Azir. It’s your most played champion — it’s like Bdd’s Azir and Azir is Bdd. How is Azir?


It is a bit difficult to play mages in the mid lane these days, but Azir is kind of a hybrid champion, so he’s better than other conventional mages in the current situation.


You always say that you don’t really prefer one champion over others, but I think by now, you would consider Azir more special.


[Laughs] That’s true, Azir is more special to me now. When I play him, I feel somewhat comfortable. When we’re behind, it feels I would be able to turn the tables with Azir. When we’re ahead, I feel that we would surely win. Playing Azir makes me feel very comfortable.


Gen.G is always considered as one of the favorites. In an earlier interview, Rascal laughed while saying that Gen.G was always one of the favorites, but never won the championship. Do you think this time you really can win?


We always lost the same way in the most important match of the season. If we’re able to fix that, maybe this time we might just be able to win.


How do you think this season would go?


At first, I thought it wouldn’t be that different from the spring season, but after watching yesterday’s games, T1 seemed much stronger than I thought. Frankly, I have no idea how this season would go. The picks are diverse — I think the teams that have prepared good synergized compositions would win a lot.


The meta difference between spring and summer seems to be much bigger than other years. How long do you think it’ll take to have the meta stabilized?


The players would end up playing champions that they’re confident in playing for a while. This season is quite chaotic — it’ll take a long time for teams to figure out the meta.


Any last comments?


I’m very relieved that we won the first game. As much as we’re playing in front of a crowd now, I’ll prepare harder than ever. Thank you.

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