[LCK] T1 Cuzz: “Any champion could appear in this meta.”


On June 10, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, T1 soared over Hanwha Life Esports. Both games were concluded within 30 minutes, and T1 took a clean 2-0 victory. In the match, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan played Rumble and Diana, and played an important role in the team’s victory. Cuzz joined Inven Global and talked about playing the first game of the season in LoL Park.



Congrats on your first win. How do you feel?


It was the first match this summer, and I’m happy that we swept Hanwha Life Esports, which is a strong team.


Did you think you’d dominate them this much?


I thought we would either dominate them or be dominated, so I was a bit worried. Since we won like this, I decided that we prepared quite well.


You thought you could actually be dominated as well?


The LCK is really good and all the teams have leveled up. I did think we could lose, and I’m very glad that we won.


It’s only the beginning, but T1’s performance today seemed unbeatable. What happened within the team during the offseason?


We all practiced together and worked on our synergy and teamwork. That probably worked out quite well. The team atmosphere is much better than spring, and the synergy and teamwork are much better now. We’ve really been working hard.


It seems that the meta has changed a lot since the spring season. And with those changes, I think the jungle position has been changed the most. What do you think?


I also think it’s been changed a lot. It might be too early to say, but I think there were many patches, so we’re able to play more diverse champions. It was really hard for me to adapt to the new meta, but our head coach used to be a jungler. His analyses were great and he taught me well, so I think I’ve adapted alright.


The players had mixed opinions on which lane is the most important in this meta. What’s your opinion?


I really do think all lanes are important, but if I really have to pick just one, I’ll pick me. The jungler. It’s because other laners might feel pressured. [Laughs]


Gwen appeared in top lane today.


Gwen is getting good evaluations in NA or EU, so we also practiced her pretty much. I think teams are still figuring things out. In today’s match, Fredit BRION played jungle Lillia. Any champion could appear in this meta.


You played Diana in the second game. People thought Diana was one of the top-tier junglers, but she didn’t appear. Did she appear that she’d be more effective now?


Diana also didn’t appear much, but now, many things were buffed, so I think she could appear in certain situations.


It’s been a long time since you plaeyd in LoL Park. If you just look up, you could see the fans cheering for you. How did it feel?


It’s been such a long time since we played in front of a crowd. I wanted to make the fans happy. The fans have waited for such a long time and I was so glad to see them. I hope the COVID-19 situation gets better soon so that we could share this with more fans. Seeing the fans, I felt that I should work harder since I’m a pro player who is loved by all those fans.


You’re a veteran, but as much as it’s been a long time since you were on stage, I thought nervousness could have found its way to you. Do you tend to get nervous when there are many people watching?


I wasn’t that nervous. Since I have a lot of experience, it was alright. I’ve even been to the finals, right? I’ve played in environments where a lot of fans were watching, so it was good for me. I think I tend to play a bit better if there are more fans. It feels good when I hear the crowd roaring and it’s much more fun.


According to Daeny, the roster will be more fixed in the summer. Is it alright to assume that the roster will be fixed to today’s lineup?


I don’t know about the starting lineup. I think we should just simply work harder and do well in the given situations, so I’ve just been working hard to be prepared.


What are your goals for this season?


I really want to win the championship this season and go straight to Worlds. Even if we aren’t able to win the championship, I really want to go to Worlds. I also want to win Worlds, but to aim for such high goals, I think we need to do our best in each and every match in front of us.


One of the biggest obstacles to your goal would be DWG KIA, and your next match is against them. How do you think it’ll go?


They’re a great team for sure. They were the runner-up at the MSI. It could be better meeting them early in the season, but it could also be bad. If we were to lose, I hope we could show what we’re capable of. If we win, I hope we could continue the positive momentum.


Lastly, a word to the fans that came to LoL Park and to those who are cheering for you from home?


I know you’ve been waiting a long time. Now that summer started, I’d like to show good performances. We’ll cooperate and work hard to do well. Thank you.


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