Today’s editorial cartoon is about the recently-revealed and remastered StarCraft: Brood War.

On March 26th (KST), Blizzard held the “I love StarCraft” event in Seoul, South Korea. As foreshadowed by many clues, it was not an ordinary event. The purchase button changed to a zerg icon and was inactive for a while, and the former commentators of SC esports had an interview with Blizzard. Most exciting of all, Michael Morhaime presented himself at the event and held a press conference.

The legendary game became an old game as generations changed and many other online games came out. The once-amazing graphics became just some old pixel graphics and legend became simple history. However, many old fans of SC have been waiting and waiting for the masterpiece to be reborn.

Fans have been trying for a long time to get the answer to one question: will there be a SC Remastered? They had been waiting for BlizzCon in the hopes that Blizzard might announce the remastering of SC. They also have been scanning all of Blizzard’s news, hoping that the company might throw some hints out that foretell of SC remastered. Blizzard has been hiding their information very well, so the announcement was a huge surprise to everyone. The old fans of SC have been rewarded for their patience, with a gift called “the remastered SC.”

Many differing opinions arise surrounding the remastering of SC and some of them are quite negative. Some fans argue that SC: Remastered is just a graphics upgrade and Blizzard is merely trying to trigger purchases with it, while leaving SC 2 behind. However, most of the fans welcome this rework, saying that it is a good thing that Blizzard still cares about their old game. Those same fans agree that Blizzard is a prime example that other game companies should follow. Some fans actually like the fact that SC: Remastered is not a total remake of the game and instead is mainly a graphics upgrade. They are excited that they can still enjoy the good old game - the same controls and gameplay - with better graphics that suit a high-end PC. Fans are also excited that the remastering also means the revival of SC esports.

While SC fans are celebrating the remastering of their favorite game, other fans are getting their hopes up for the remastering of another popular game of Blizzard’s: Diablo 2. Will their dreams also come true someday? Blizzard has rewarded the old fans for their patience by blessing them with the news of SC: Remastered, so we cannot give a definite no to Diablo 2: Remastered. For the time being, we shall stay awhile and listen.

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