Is GOATs returning to the Overwatch League?

Source: Blizzard

Competitive Overwatch players have started seeing a new — well sort of new — meta emerging in high-ranking lobbies. The name? Neo-GOATs. 


With the exception of a few heroes on the roster, players have been pleased with Overwatch's current meta overall. There has been decent variety in team strategy and composition, making the game feel a bit more refreshing in the past few months. 


But one composition is seeing a bit of dominance: Neo-GOATs. This meta is a hybrid of the dive meta and dreaded GOATs meta, relying heavily on Reaper and Echo to chase down enemy heroes. This is interesting because Reaper was previously used as an anti-GOATs weapon by opposing teams who refused to give in to the pressure. Winston and D.Va also make a return as the two main tanks in Neo-GOATs. Moira and Lucio are the Neo-GOATs support squad. 



More and more competitive players have discovered the often unstoppable nature of this meta, which has affected the game's meta diversity a bit in recent weeks. It's become a bit of a mood killer, so Overwatch League fans were happy to not see Neo-GOATs played too often during the recent homestand. 


But Neo-GOAT heroes aren't the only ones fans will see in the upcoming Overwatch League action. Baptise, McCree, Mei, Reinhardt, and Zarya are also considered top tier heroes right now. Baptise remains a top healer despite the recent nerf thanks to his damage output and healing capabilities. He's often paired with Lucio, allowing the two support heroes to remain on the front lines. 


While Neo-GOATs is becoming more and more dominant in competitive Overwatch, the game remains pretty balanced compared to how it was in the past. An abundance of heroes still have a chance to make an impact and Neo-GOATs isn't as unstoppable as GOATs was in 2019. There are still ways to counter this crazy comp, keeping the gameplay dynamic and entertaining. 


As more Overwatch League competition gears up, it will be interesting to see if teams continue to perfect Neo-GOATs or if they opt to keep finding unique playstyles and comps that challenge the looming meta. 

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