Glasses for more than just gaming: goodr launches Gamers Go Outside Too initiative


Blue light glasses company goodr is utilizing its gaming line of specs for its new initiative Gamers Go Outside Too in an effort to debunk the stigma surrounding the modern gamer. The blue light gaming glasses, designed to protect from the lights of LED screens on computers and phones, are designed with the well-rounded lifestyle of the modern gamer in mind.


Since the invention of the Atari, gamers have been often stigmatized as 'basement-dwelling nerds' but for the past decade or so, the term 'gamer' has become a far-more nuanced description with gaming, and to some extent, esports, elevating to the cultural mainstream. As such, goodr's glasses are made for gaming, but are lightly framed enough to be convenient for an outdoor workout, a bike ride, a healthy jog or an afternoon of eighteen holes. 


In its steps to debunk the stigma surrounding gaming and its communities, goodr has partnered with esports organization Counter Logic Gaming. Multiple members of CLG, including the League of Legends bot lane duo of AD carry Jason "Wildturtle" Tran and support Andy "Smoothie" Ta as well as Super Smash Bros. Melee professional player Kevin "PewPewU" Toy have modeled the shades, and goodr has also done giveaways in commemoration of the partnership.



What might make goodr the best gaming glasses available is the fact that the light frames and reflective lenses come in many different colors and styles to match the versatility offered by the glasses themselves. goodr glasses look and feel natural in any setting both inside and outside of a gaming context.


While being slightly newer to the gaming space circa October 2020, goodr is well-established in other verticals. The brand won Runner’s World Gear of the Year twice, plus PGA Buyer’s Choice, Men’s Health Best Buy, Rolling Stone’s Favorite Sunglasses For Athletes, GQ’s Best Sunglasses of 2020, and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places To Work.

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