Details for the 2021 LCK Summer split announced: LoL Park opens its doors to fans!

The 2021 LCK Summer split will start on June 9, with Fredit BRION and Liiv SANDBOX facing off in the first match of the split, and T1 will face off against Hanwha Life Esports in the second match of the opening day. The regular split of 2021 LCK Summer split will have each team playing 18 matches/90 sets over the course of 10 weeks, with each match being a Best of 3. Round 1 will have five match days per week, from Wed to Sun, while round 2 will have four match days per week, from Thurs to Sun. The first match of each day will start at 5pm, with the following match starting at 8pm. Starting this split, LCK will also be broadcasted in Vietnam, through Box Sports.


This split will mark the return of offline matches, taking place at the LCK Arena in LoL Park. Not only the players will return to LoL Park, fans will be able to view the games live as well. In accordance with the Korean government protocols regarding COVID, only 10% of the maximum fan capacity will be able to watch the games live, to a total of 40 people.


Due to such, strict guidelines will be implemented. There will be screens in between the players’ seats, and no food & drinks will be allowed inside the arena. Everyone entering LoL Park will be required to check in via the QR Code and have their temperatures measured, and masks will have to be kept on at all times. LCK has also shared their backup operation plans with each team in the league, in the case of a confirmed coronavirus case at LoL Park.


Tickets for the 2021 LCK Summer split will be available to purchase online via Interpark, starting from 5pm before each match day. The opening day tickets will be available online on June 7, 5pm. Tickets will be the same price as before: 9,000 KRW for weekday matches and 11,000 KRW for weekend matches. Because LoL Park will only be hosting 40 people per match, the bundle ticket (for both matches in the day) will not be sold on-site. Furthermore, in order to prevent ticket scalping, ticket buyers will only be allowed to purchase one ticket, with mandatory ID check upon collecting the ticket & entering the arena.


With LoL Park opening its doors up for the fans, the Riot PC Bang and the Riot Store will reopen. However, only ticket holders will be allowed to visit the Riot Store for now, and the Bilgewater Cafe will remain closed. On-site fan meets will also not be taking place until further notice.


Starting this Summer split, the sponsor line-up for the LCK has grown as well. With McDonald’s. KLEVV, Logitech, and Secretlab continuing on their partnership, TikTok and KakaoPage have also partnered up with the LCK, bringing the total number of LCK sponsors to eight.


Please check the visuals below for the detailed LCK schedule [All visuals provided via Riot Korea].

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