KDM Edge: "We feel a lot more confident with Coach Zefa on board."


The 40th day of 2017 LCK Spring Split ended with a huge upset, as Kongdoo Monster defeated KT Rolster with a 2-1 record. Hosung "Edge" Lee did well in both Game 1 and 3, but his performance with Ahri in Game 3 was especially impressive.

Here is our interview with Hosung "Edge" Lee.

Congratulations on your second win of the split. How are you feeling right now?

It was long overdue, but I'm glad that we've won against a strong team.

You are playing a lot better now. Is it the effect of having Coach Jaemin "Zefa" Lee on board?

We do pretty well in practices, so we pondered why we are losing matches when we are capable of doing well. Then we realized that we went all-in too frequently and had weak vision control. We've improved a lot after keeping those in mind to improve.

Nautilus is considered to be a strong champion. Why were you willing to let KT have it twice?

We thought Gragas wasn't bad against Nautilus during scrims, so we decided to focus more on the botlane duo during the draft. It didn't quite work out in real life though.

Smeb's Nautilus was very keen on roaming to your lane. It must have been very difficult for you.

As much as I hate to admit it, the first death was entirely my fault.

Why did you pick Ahri in Game 3?

I did some practice with Ahri, but I didn't pick her at first because I wasn't too sure that I'd do well with her. However, when KT picked Syndra at a cost of giving us the better botlane pick, I thought Ahri was just the champion to take the initiative with.

Can you tell us what happened when you were killed a minute after Game 3 has started?

Usually, placing a ward around that area is pretty helpful. So, although I had a bad feeling about it, Minhyuk "Punch" Son asked me to place a ward there. So, Jinsol "SSol" Seo offered to go with me, but he ran away as soon as he saw the enemy team closing in. The rest is history. (Laughs)

You've still done well with Ahri though.

My teammates were not too sure about my Ahri, but now they are calling me "Dearest Hosung" after today's match. (Laughs) I think I'll be playing Ahri more often from now on.

The surprise Baron call in Game 3 really turned the game around. Can you tell us how it happened?

Punch made the call, so we just started to take down Baron because we love doing that. It really worked out well.

The following teamfight around KT's blue camp cemented your advantage too. Tell us how it happened.

We had the vision control on the topside, and we wanted to do something about KT going there to contest it. Although Punch was against it, we tried to ambush them from behind, which worked out well.

Do you feel discouraged for being locked into the relegation tournament?

We feel a lot more confident with Coach Zefa on board. I think we are playing a lot better too. Match preps have been going great.

It looks like the bannings are being focused on the midlane. Have you been preparing for it?

I've been trying out assassins such as Talon. However, I haven't had a chance to pick an assassin, and I've yet to gain my teammates' trust with assassins. (Laughs) Though, I have to keep trying something different; otherwise, my picks will be too predictable. So, I'm always trying out new champions.

How will you go into the next match?

We've been preparing diligently, and we've been doing pretty well too. Although we cannot escape the relegation tournament, we'll do our best to win as many matches as possible.

Thank you for your time. Any parting words?

We've shown a very inconsistent performance, and we were anxious about it too. However, we are becoming a lot more consistent after Coach Zefa joined us. We promise that we won't make you worry anymore, so we hope you'll continue to support us.

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