[MSI] RNG Xiaohu on China's regional strength: "The LPL has a lot of teams just as strong as us."


Royal Never Give up has won the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational in a 3-2 victory over DWG KIA. The Chinese representative has restored international glory to the League of Legends Pro League, and after its victory, addressed the media for a championship press conference.



Poppy, first of all, congratulations on winning the MSI 2021 championship. It might be a little bit impolite to ask this question, but I feel it needs to be asked. Do you think that it's unfair that RNG got the schedule advantage in this format despite being the lower-seeded team? Do you think the changes to the MSI format this year affected the outcome of the event?


It really has pros and cons. During the break, we didn't have any scrims or play with any other teams. If we won the games, we knew we'd be in good form, and if we lost, we'd know it'd be because we had to play series' back-to-back and it was too hard. It really depends on how you look at the victory.



GALA, you had a standout performance in today's best-of-five series. Since this is your first international tournament, did you feel nervous at all? Also, do you have a comment on the champion Kai'Sa?


Yes, I was definitely nervous. Regarding Kai'Sa, it is the champion I have the most confidence in.



Xiaohu, in 2018, RNG was in a similar situation to now. You had won MSI, but then were eliminated in the quarterfinals. How do you see RNG's chances now at Worlds 2021?


First of all, I think it's really hard to answer this question. If we could have expected how we would have gotten eliminated by G2 Esports that year, we would have prevented it. We just need to keep doing what we're doing and keep the faith.



GALA, is there anything you would like to say to Uzi?


He's a standout, spectacular player. I've watched a lot of his streams and I've learned a lot from him in terms of individual mechanics. I think he's pretty great.



Xiaohu, it feels that there is a widening gap between China and the other regions. Where do you think other regions are in terms of competitive level relative to China?


The top four teams at this MSI were pretty close. The games were really intense in the Knockout Stage. The LPL has a lot of teams just as strong as us. That's what I think the main advantage of the LPL is compared to other regions.



Cryin, you locked in your first Lucian game of MSI at the start of the series. What was the team's decision-making process of picking Lucian mid at that time, and did you feel extra pressure to perform?


Before the games, we expected that we would get Lucian mid. To be honest, I was pressured a lot because the enemy mid laner is pretty good, too. However, after laning for a while in the actual game, I felt normal.



GALA, how do you feel winning against Ghost today, and how would you evaluate your performance in the series? Is there any message you want to give to the fans that always support you?


Ghost played really well throughout the series, both in the laning phase and in teamfights, but I performed very well, too. To the fans, thank you all for supporting us and good night.



Xiaohu, as a player who has now won two international finals in two different roles, what is the biggest takeaway for you at MSI 2021?


At MSI 2018, my other teammates led me to victory. This year, Ming and I are the veterans of the team, so we are the more proactive people in terms of how we play our game.



Wei, what do you want to do most after winning MSI 2021? Is there a special celebration planned for when you get back to China?


We'll probably celebrate in quarantine. Also, we will still practice very hard after winning this championship.



Xiaohu, what was the biggest difficulty for you in transitioning from a mid laner to a top laner?


The biggest obstacle for me was the 2021 LPL Spring Split. There are so many strong top laners in the LPL.


Ming, what adjustments did you make before game 5 of this series? Do you have any thoughts on MSI in general?


When it was 2-2, we didn't really make too many adjustments, but we had the advantage of blue side. As for MSI in general, we all shared this experience, so I feel we have all been rewarded.


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