[MSI] DK kkOma: "I think that we’ll have an easier time beating RNG tomorrow."

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It was a nail biter for both the LCK and the LEC fans watching at home; the second semifinal match of the 2021 MSI ended with DWG KIA taking the series 3-2 against MAD Lions. With MAD Lions knocked out of the tournament, DWG KIA will now face RNG in the finals, with a chance to bring another Worlds spot for their region.


The team sat down in an online press conference to answer questions from media outlets around the world.

To kkOma - Did you expect the series to go to game 5? Also, what did the team talk about when they were down 1-2?


kkOma: There’s only winning and losing in a match, so we felt that the series definitely could’ve gone to game 5, depending on the players’ conditions. When we were down in the series, we talked about the problems in our draft and in-game, and how we can improve.

To ShowMaker - In yesterday’s interview, Cryin said that you were the best mid laner in the tournament. How do you evaluate him as a player, and is there anything you’d like to say to him?


ShowMaker: I also think he’s a very good player, and I hope to have a good one tomorrow.


To Ghost - You had a bit of a difficult time in the bot lane today. Did you expect it to be such a challenge?


Ghost: No, not really. In game 2, we had a good start, but I continued to make a lot of mistakes, so the game got tough.

To kkOma - You guys have to play RNG tomorrow. How do you use such a short time to adjust for such a strong team tomorrow?


kkOma: We’re still in the same patch, watched their match yesterday, and know what we need to fix, so we’ll just need to talk about what we need to fix and head into the match. I think that we’ll have an easier time beating RNG tomorrow. 


To kkOma - The team played well in game 1, 4 and 5, but looked shaky in game 2 and 3. Do you believe that the problem lies within the draft? Or was it all calculated in facing RNG tomorrow?


kkOma: If we can draft better tomorrow, we’ll play better as well.

To kkOma - Is there anything you’d like to say to your players at this time?


kkOma: Not any feedback in particular, but we’re confident in winning the finals, so I’d just like to ask the fans to cheer for us.

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