[MSI] DWG KIA reaches the finals to meet Royal Never Give Up for a chance to make history

Source: Riot Games


DWG KIA has reached the finals of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Despite the controversy in the schedule, DWG KIA had a tough fight with MAD Lions to reach the finals and to gain a chance to record an unofficial Grand Slam. DWG KIA had won all competitions they participated in since last summer — 2020 LCK Summer, 2020 World Championship, 2020 KeSPA Cup, and 2021 LCK Spring.



In game 1, the early game didn’t go easy for DWG KIA and MAD Lions had the lead as İrfan Berk “Armut” Tükek and Marek “Humanoid” Brázda each picked up a solo kill on Kim “Khan” Dong-ha and Heo “ShowMaker” Su. With their lead, MAD Lions took two dragons first. However, in the teamfight at the third dragon, DWG KIA pulled off an amazing teamfight and took both the dragon and Baron. From that point on, it was DWG KIA all the way. MAD Lions had no strength left to stop DWG KIA and the game was over before the 26-minute mark.


The bot lane was a fierce battlefield in the second game. DWG KIA took Kaisa-Nautilus and pressured from early, but after MAD Lions picked off Kai'Sa two straight times, the lead went to MAD Lions. Through their lead, MAD Lions collected four dragons, including the Cloud Dragon's soul. DWG KIA struck back by killing three opponents after MAD Lions stole Baron, but MAD Lions had a big win in the following teamfight and were able to end the game.


MAD Lions had another good start in the bot lane in game 3. Cho "BeryL" Geon-hee's Nautilus started a Lv.1 fight, but MAD Lion's bot duo in Kaisa-Leona was stronger and took first blood. As Armut's Wukong scaled through Teleport, it was difficult for DWG KIA as most of their champions didn't have any moving skills. Again, MAD Lions took four dragons and slew Baron. They took three inhibitors and kept pushing. Although DWG KIA took down three champions, there were too many Super Minions for DWG KIA to keep the Nexus from falling. With this win, MAD Lions pushed the world champions to match point.


DWG KIA managed to take the game to game 5. Although they were down 1-5 in kill score, DWG KIA made a big turnaround as MAD Lions failed a dive in bot lane. By killing all three champions involved in the dive, DWG KIA took a big lead. MAD Lions tried to change the situation by playing more aggressively, but it was DWG KIA who took more kills and benefitted. DWG KIA was able to take down all three turrets before 14 minutes. After slaying Baron, they marched through MAD Lions’ base and destroyed the Nexus.


It was DWG KIA in the end. From early in the game, DWG KIA won skirmishes around the map and took the lead. Although MAD Lions took the first Rift Herald, they weren’t even able to use it. The fight regarding the second Rift Herald went on for long, but it was DWG KIA who claimed the eye. As the game went on, DWG KIA continued to benefit. With their lead, DWG KIA ended the game within 24 minutes.


The final match takes place tomorrow between DWG KIA and Royal Never Give Up at 3:00pm local time in Reykjavik, Iceland. Both teams were favorites to reach the finals before the tournament began, and a win for DK would mark the first MSI championship for South Korea since 2017. 

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