[MSI] RNG Poppy: "There isn't special preparation or adjustments specifically targeting DWG KIA."


Royal Never Give Up made MSI finals for the first time in three years, hoping to bring their second international trophy home. The Chinese powerhouse will be facing the winners of MAD Lions and DWG KIA, who play Saturday, May 22, in the second semifinal.


After the win over PSG Talon in the semifinals of MSI 2021, RNG sat down with members of the press for a press conference. 





Poppy, RNG has already beaten DWG KIA twice at MSI. What makes RNG superior to DK in terms of gameplay, and do you think will able to push that previous momentum forward in the finals?


Winning against DWG KIA in the Rumble Stage will definitely boost our confidence if we meet them again in the next best-of-5 series. To be honest, we just watch their games and do some research. There isn't special preparation or adjustments specifically targeting DWG KIA.


Cryin, even though DWG KIA showed a bit of inconsistency throughout MSI thus far, ShowMaker can always be a clutch player who turns the game around to get a victory. Since DWG KIA could possibly play against you in the finals, what is your opinion of ShowMaker?


Personally, I think ShowMaker is the best mid laner at MSI. No matter who I meet in the finals, I just hope I can focus on my performance and do well.


Ming, in today's semifinal, RNG's performance as a team still featured some mistakes and was not at the perfect level. Do you think there are any specific factors that your team needs to work on now that you are heading to the finals?


I won't say there is a specific part that we need to figure out or work on. We just need to play normally and standard.


Xiaohu, you're now heading into the second MSI finals of your career. How does this team compare to the RNG team that made the finals at MSI 2018?


Personally, I would say the only difference in the team is that there are three rookies on this team.



GALA, the last time RNG made a final of MSI, the starting AD carry was the legendary Uzi. Do you feel like you've lived up to expectations now that you've made it to the same place with RNG?


I just want to focus on myself and perform better. Hopefully, we can get the trophy.


GALA, you got three MVPs in this series, and all four MVPs were secured by both AD carries. What do you think about the current AD carry meta?

Both teams picked bot-centric compositions today with very high-damage late-game champions. That might be the reason why the AD carry of the winning team was MVP of every game this series.



Wei, this is your first best-of-5 series on the international stage. Are you satisfied with your performance, and what are your expectations heading into the finals?


I would say my performance today was just decent because my teammates carried really well. There's not a specific expectation I have for the finals, I just want to perform well, especially individually.


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