[MSI] PSG River predicts EUphoria versus DWG KIA: "I think MAD Lions will make it."


PSG Talon has made it to the final four of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. The Pacfiic Championship Series representative will face off against Chinese representative Royal Never Give Up, and the winner of the match will face off against the winner of DWG KIA vs. MAD Lions in the finals. Two days before the start of the MSI 2021 Knockout Stage, PSG Talon sat down with the media for a press conference.


Maple, you gave RNG their first loss and gave many teams a reason to fear you. How confident are you heading into the Knockout Stage?


I think we're a team that knows RNG well, so if we are in good form, I'm very confident we can take them down.




Helper, Doggo has played with PSG in place of Unified, and the team has been in perfect harmony. What is your secret?


When I was giving feedback, I pointed out the basic details of how to play each individual role. Doggo has worked really hard, but he's also really clever and has been fast to adapt, so he gelled into our team and its style very quickly.



Maple, if your team wins MSI, the PCS will get an extra slot for Worlds. Do you think other PCS teams can keep up with international competition given how dominantly PSG won spring?


I think there is a great chance for them to keep up with the competition on the international stage. We scrimmed each other a lot during the split, and I think that teams that can make it to the international stage can have a good performance.



Hanabi, how do you feel about beating out one of the major regions and making it to the top 4 here at MSI?


At the very beginning of MSI, I felt that we had a chance to take down a major region team. This is my second MSI, so it just feels normal to me.



Kaiwing, you have a tough matchup ahead, but we've seen you win against RNG before. How is the atmosphere within the team, and what will it take for you to win MSI this year?


I think our momentum is really good right now since we already took a game off of MAD Lions and RNG. It proves that there's not a big difference between each team. If we're in a good form right now, there's a chance for us to lift the trophy.


Maple, what would it mean for you to win MSI alongside Hanabi after returning to your previous region?


If I were to win MSI, it would be a milestone in my career since it would be my first international title.



Doggo, despite being a substitute, you've not once shyed away from going for a big play. What is it that helps you remain confident despite playing for a completely new team?


JackeyLove said he never thought about what would happen after using Flash. It's okay to die in the games, you just have to give yourself a shot and be more confident in yourself, too.



River, if you defeat RNG, who do you think you will face in the finals?


Since we defeated MAD Lions once and got 0-2'd by DWG KIA, it would be a lot better if MAD Lions was our finals opponent. I think MAD Lions will make it. Even if we face off against DWG KIA, I think that matchup is also winnable.



Doggo, what are the lessons you have learned from your time with PSG Talon?


I think what counts the most is the synergy. You learn to listen to your team on what they need and what they long for in actual games. I'm very lucky that my teammates are very communicative, so they like to help me on that and we've improved together.



Maple, what does it mean for you not to just enter the MSI Knockout Stage, but also, to represent the PCS at this stage of the tournament? Is there anything you'd like to say to all of the PCS fans, both the long term fans and the new ones made across the past few weeks?


This time, I want the world to not underestimate us or the PCS. We want to present what we're capable of in the semifinals, and we also want our fans to support us as they wish. Hopefully, we can have a very good performance in the semifinals.

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