NiP wins controversial rematch against Anonymo at Flashpoint 3

Source: Flashpoint

Ninjas in Pyjamas won their best-of-one rematch against Anonymo on Tuesday, after technical issues on tournament organizer Flashpoint's end caused connection problems during NiP and Anonymo's first meeting last Friday. The rematch was held on Mirage and was very close, with NiP just barely scraping by with a 16-14 win. NiP's victory reversed the original result of the match, sending Anonymo to the loser's bracket.


Tuesday's rematch was supposed to take place on Sunday, but following a weekend of strife between Anonymo, NiP, and Flashpoint, the match ended up being postponed. Anonymo refused to compete in a rematch on Sunday after Flashpoint ruled that a rematch must take place. After appealing the decision to Valve, who referred back to Flashpoint, Anonymo eventually capitulated to Flashpoints ruling.


Earlier on Tuesday, Flashpoint released a statement addressing the whole controversy. They explained the full timeline of events from their perspective, showing how they abided by the official rules throughout the proceedings. They did acknowledge the murkiness of their own rules and concluded the statement by announcing that they will be sharing an updated version of the rules that provide more clarity on when and why a match could be replayed or rescheduled.


"With this post, we tried to consolidate as much information as possible and hope to have at least provided a meaningful and comprehensive summary about why and how decisions have been made," Flashpoint wrote. "We understand that not everyone will agree with the final outcome regardless, but at every stage of this process, we’ve focused on making the decision we thought was best to provide a fair and competitive environment within a framework of constraints, all of which are defined within the official rulebook. "


The entire situation left a bad taste in the mouth of fans and professionals alike, since neither Anonymo nor NiP were to blame for the technical difficulties. While NiP "won", to many it felt like everyone involved in this controversy lost.

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