Twitch indefinitely suspends advertising on Amouranth's channel after hot tub streams

Source: Amouranth

Twitch streamer and online influencer Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa revealed on Tuesday that Twitch has indefinitely suspended the advertising privileges on her Twitch channel. According to the streamer, they did so without warning.


In her response to the decision, Amouranth assumed that the disciplinary action was related to her somewhat controversial hot tub streams, wherein she plays video games on stream in a bikini from inside a hot tub. However, the specific reason for the suspension has not yet been made clear by Twitch.



"This is an ALARMING precedent and serves as a stark warning that although content may not ostensibly break community guidelines or Terms of service, Twitch has complete discretion to target individual channels & partially or wholly demonetized them for content that is deemed “not advertiser-friendly", something that there is no communicated guideline for." wrote Amouranth in a Twitter thread


She continued, "This leaves open-ended the question of where the line is drawn. Many people complain about ToS being "unclear" but at least there's something to go by. There is no known policy for what results in a streamer being put on this blacklist. With characteristic opacity, the only thing Twitch made clear is that it is unclear whether or when my account can be reinstated."


Amouranth is one of the many Twiter streamers to join the "hot tub meta", which consists of primarily female streamers dressing down to bikinis and swimming suits in or around a hot tub. The meta arose as a result of Twitch's Terms of Service which states that streamers can only be scantily clad in a bikini if they are around a hot tub or pool.


"Swimwear is permitted as long as it completely covers the genitals, and those who present as women must also cover their nipples," Twitch's terms of service states. "Full coverage of buttocks is not required, but camera focus around them is still subject to our sexually suggestive content policy. Coverage must be fully opaque, even when wet. Sheer or partially see-through swimwear or other clothing does not constitute coverage.”


While it is within Twitch's rules, the hot tub meta remains controversial, with many in the streaming community criticizing the adult-oriented nature of the streams.


This is not the first time Amouranth has found herself in hotwater with Twitch. She has been banned three times in the past, once for accidentally nudity on her stream, once for streaming from a gym against gym employee wishes, and once for clicking on an inappropriate link while streaming. 


We have reached out to Twitch for comment on this story and will update it as new information becomes available.

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