[MSI] DK Ghost: "C9 really are the team that surprises the world with their performance."

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Day 4 of the Rumble stage at MSI 2021 has come to its conclusion. While there were many upsets throughout the day, with Cloud9 taking a win against the LPL representatives, Royal Never Give Up, they fell to Pentanet.GG. Despite the many upsets that occurred throughout the day, there was one team that remained consistent. While DWG KIA looked shaky earlier on in the tournament, they defeated both of their opponents, MAD Lions and PSG Talon, and looked as if they’ve regained their dominant form.


After the day ended, the bot laner for DWG KIA, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun, joined Inven Global for a quick interview.

Coming into day 4 of the Rumble stages, what were some of the points that the team looked to improve?


I don’t remember down to the last detail, but not being able to gain more advantages in lane when we could, as well as getting ahead of ourselves, when we could just do the things we need to do to win, were the two biggest points of feedback. We told ourselves to be more conscious of the strengths in our team compositions, and to take it slow.


In your last interview, you mentioned some of the communication issues that the team had. Can you give us more details about it?


The biggest one has to be our usage of Teleport. Also, when it came to talking about what we need to do around the map, we didn’t make enough calls about it.


Whether it was on the LCK broadcast, or through the community, the consensus is that DWG KIA is slowly regaining their form. Even still, what are some of the things would you look back on and say that the team needs to improve on?


In game 1, I think that our bot side didn’t play as well as we could’ve, but our top side played phenomenally, so the games became almost too easy. In game 2, I had one too many unnecessary deaths. Personally, there’s been this weird pattern recently, where if I lane well, I make mistakes in teamfights, and if I do poorly in lane, I do better in teamfights. I’ll need to fix that pattern.


Especially today, DWG KIA heavily prioritized Kai’Sa/Nautilus. How come?


Not only are they pretty strong in lane, they’re really good in teamfights. 


DWG KIA confirmed their spot in the semifinals of the tournament. Assuming that you’ll make it into the finals, who do you think your opponent will be?


Definitely RNG. Whether it’s laning or teamfighting, I feel that they’re fundamentally stronger. 


RNG lost to Cloud9 today. What are your thoughts on that match?


Even when we beat Cloud9, we struggled, so I think that they’re slowly improving. I think their win against RNG is proof of improvement.


But they lost to Pentanet.GG.


When it comes to their performance, C9 has really highs and lows. They really are the team that surprises the world with their performance. 


DWG KIA plays RNG next. What are some of the things the team will be looking out for?

In our last match against them, we definitely could have gained more advantages early, but failed to do so. We’ll make sure to find those moments where we can snowball, and beat them this time around.

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