Did Crash Bandicoot's voice actor hint that Crash is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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Crash Bandicoot as the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC has been rumored and theorized for a while now. 


When Activision announced that Toys for Bob would be brought on to work on Call of Duty, this ended some of the discussion. But now, an Activision spokesperson has stated that nobody from Toys for Bob is getting laid off. Instead, they will continue working on Crash Bandicoot: It's About Time. 


With the studio back in full swing, the rumors of Crash joining the giant roster are back. And that's partially due to a cryptic statement from Crash Bandicoot voice actors. The voices of Crash and Dr. Neo Cortex shared a post on Instagram that hinted at a "fun new project" they're working on together. 


"Well, lookie lookie. It's Neo Cortex and Crash Bandicoot working together on a fun new project. No, this one is not another Crash game (or is it?)," the post read. 



While Crash Bandicoot fans immediately started theorizing that a new Crash game is on the way, the Smash community took it another way entirely. Is the "fun new project" Crash Bandicoot coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? 


There are currently two known slots left in Nintendo's second fighter pass. That means there are at least two more characters joining the ever-growing Smash roster. Crash has often been one of the theorized options since he's such a classic video game character. It especially made sense after Sonic, Snake, Minecraft Steve, and other characters from outside of Nintendo were announced. 


Earlier this month, Crash Bandicoot developers said it would be a "dream" to have Crash in Smash. While this made it seem possible that Toys for Bob (or any other entity) wasn't approached by Nintendo with this option, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's out of the question. 


Of course, every time the Smash community attempts to find a pattern, leak, or hint about the next DLC, it's usually proven wrong (or shows up much, much later). It seems like Sakurai, and Nintendo as a whole, enjoy throwing fans off entirely. Since Crash Bandicoot has been so heavily discussed and demanded, it would be shocking if he was the next DLC instead of a completely off-the-radar character. 


Since DLC is often kept so under wraps at Nintendo, it also seems unlikely that they'd approve of the voice actors hinting at the possibility of Crash coming to Smash. But who knows what mind games Nintendo is playing with the ever-antsy Smash community? It may very well be Crash or Master Chief. Or maybe Cortex?


But I'm still holding out for Captain Toad or Waddle Dee. 

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