Jeff Leach apologizes for sexism after being let go from Call of Duty


After maintaining innocence amidst sexism allegations, former Call of Duty voice actor Jeff Leach has come forward with an apology. 


Leach was banned from Twitch in 2017 when he made sexist comments towards another streamer. Natalie "ZombiUnicorn" Casanova refused to show up to a show that also starred Leach, resulting in him mocking ZimbiUnicorn: "She couldn't just rely on her horrendous cleavage."


Following these harassment allegations, other streamers came forward to share clips of Leach using abusive, sexist language to female players within Call of Duty. This includes calling a woman a "cunt" and mocking her appearance.


After the clips surfaced, ZombiUnicorn demanded action from Activision and Facebook Gaming, where Leach has since started streaming due to the Twitch ban. Activision reacted by letting go of Leach, who was the voice of Ghost. 


The developer explained: "Sexism has no place in our industry, our games, or in society. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players."


In response, Leach argued that he wasn't sexist at all. Instead, Leach had allegedly been protecting his community from a "toxic troll" by attacking her identity. Leach, apparently a stand-up comic, stated that he also said similar things to men. 


Here is one of the things Leach said: "It's always some dirty, gross, fucking emo bitch who looks like she has no chance of getting a bit of dick in her." 


Leach offers apology for sexist comments after being fired from Call of Duty


Leach decided to share a TwitLonger on May 14 following the ongoing controversy. The statement was issued by his lawyers. 


"I’m remorseful for misrepresenting my true intentions and apologize to the individuals and the business partners that I may have negatively impacted by these outbursts. This includes my incredible supporters, moderators who have worked so tirelessly to protect our little online community and the companies who extended opportunity and trust to me and whom I have let down," Leach wrote. 



Within the same statement, Leach blamed his "passion" for creating great work and uplifting his community to explain his actions. Leach explained that he felt attacked, targeted, and harassed, which made him "lose control." This, Leach said, has led to outbursts he regrets. 


Since the accusations resurfaced, Leach has been let go from Activision and will no longer be the voice of Ghost. Facebook Gaming revoked Leach's partnership on May 12. Sponsors like Team Kitch and AimControllers also cut ties with Leach following the allegations. 

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