[MSI] PSG Hanabi: "MAD Armut was the most impressive...He picked unpredictable champions so that was a bit frustrating."

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On the first day of the Rumble Stage of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, PSG Talon played two matches and won one out of the two. They soared over Pentanet.GG but lost in the earlier match against DWG KIA. Their performance against the World Champions was still quite impressive as they put up a good fight. After the match, Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang joined Inven for an interview.



How does it feel playing in the Rumble Stage? How is it different from the Group Stage?


The biggest difference is that we met a strong team like DWG KIA. We were confident before we played against them, but when we played against them, it seems we made a lot of mistakes.


PSG Talon has been showing stable performance at this MSI. Do you think you’ll be able to reach the semifinals at this MSI?


Although we lost a bit of confidence since we lost to DWG KIA, I hope we do reach the semifinals by working harder.


You played against Khan today. What did you feel about him as a top laner?


Khan had very stable performance as a top laner and had very strong laning. He played Sion and did exactly what Sion needed to do in the game.


Diverse champions are appearing in the mid and top lanes. Do you think the current meta suits you well?


I think it goes really well with me. The laning in the top lane is important, but the teamfights are more important. I hope I do better in teamfights. I think I’m capable of playing the meta champions like Gnar, Renekton, Ornn, and Sion well.


Up to now, which top laner was the most memorable among the players you’ve played against?


MAD Lions Armut was the most impressive. He picked unpredictable champions so that was a bit frustrating.


What did PSG Talon learn as a team while playing in this MSI? Is there anything you felt playing on such a big stage?


I felt that our teamfights aren't quite as good enough. I hope we could improve that moving forward.


Any last comments?


Thank you for watching our matches. Please keep cheering for us. I’ll try to improve myself to make fewer mistakes.

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