Raven Software teases possible update to Warzone's Streamer Mode

Source: Activision Blizzard

Updates to Warzones Streamer Mode could be coming to Warzone very soon, based on a Tweet sent by Raven Software on Friday.


In response to a Tweet from NRG JoeWo, Raven Software opened the door to overhauling the current Streamer Mode which has been a source of frustration for many streamers over the past few months. They even asked Joe and the rest of the community what they were looking for in a Streamer Mode.


"Hey @AverageJoeWo, We're listening," Raven Software said. "What kind of improvements would you ideally like to see to the current "Streamer Mode" setting? Best, a studio."



Their response prompted suggestions from Joe and other streamers as well. All of the suggestions essentially boiled down to allowing streamers to hide their names from other players in a server. Their current streamer mode hides enemies names for the streamer, but does nothing to conceal the identity of the streamer to the server, opening the door for stream sniping abuse.


"So the current form is reversed where our opponents can still see our name," Joe responded. "It should be where the people we kill in-game can’t see our name when streamer mode is active so say (username123456) eliminated you and not NRG JoeWo if that makes sense."


XSET Jared FPS also chimed in, saying "Not Joe, but would like to input a working streamer mode where Raven approves certain streamers that qualify to hide their in-game name with an on and off setting so if someone kills them in-game, it says streamer and that’s it"



JaredFPS clarified, "The reason I say there should be qualifications is I don’t want a hacker hacking me with streamer mode on, it’s that simple, needs to be only actual streamers."


CDL talent MerK agreed with the others, saying, "Just need something similar to Cold War system, streamers names need to be random. Could do something similar to other games where you just change the name to the operator they are playing. This is what happens: streamer fights a team and wins, team recognizes and pulls up that stream, sets up on that streamer or hunts them down constantly when they come back from gulag or are bought back."



100T Tommey, who has been a vocal critic of the current streamer mode, also agreed saying, "Just simply changing it so that your own name is hidden and not others, that way it helps negate stream sniping. Would be amazing to see."


Many streamers already stream with a delay and use the current streamer mode that blocks identifying information for the streamer, but those two steps have proven to be inadequate for stopping the problem. Making matters worse, stream sniping has even affected tournaments where competitive integrity is essential.



Hopefully, today's online dialogue will lead to Raven Software finally implementing a working streamer mode into Warzone!

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