Neighborhood Twitter watch (not asked for) out to save gaming from Ninja again

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Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has always been a weird entity in esports. He's always been a connection of sorts between the esports industry and the mainstream public.


But that hasn't always been the greatest look for esports. Relatively unknown to the general population, esports has remained a mystery to most people aside from knowing about that one time Ninja awkwardly flossed in Time Square. 


And now, the esports community has finally demanded a new representative thanks to a strange tweet Ninja had the audacity to launch yesterday. It was unclear even to the esports community if the streaming superstar was trolling or serious. But they knew — deep down in their hearts — that anyone outside of gaming and esports would take it at face value. So Ninja must be stopped. 


My hands are shaking as I type this. My vision blurring. But for the sake of my career as a journalist, here is the tweet: "I am in the middle of carrying a League of Legends game, about to close it out, and my bra-less wife brings me a sandwich (not asked for) with chips as I get a double kill bot lane. So how is your day going?"



The tweet was accompanied by a smug GIF, making the statement even more haunting. Because despite telling his 6.7 million followers about the state of his wife's breasts, Ninja is — indeed — 29 years old. Which is quite old to be boasting about his wife's lack of a bra to 12-year-olds online. But that could very well be the joke. 


Because the tweet is a joke right? 


Like, it was meant to be this chilling and revolting, right? 


Aside from his wife walking around her own home without a bra, others couldn't get over the fact that he was brought a sandwich (not asked for). What kind of League of Legends player has a wife? And one who makes a sandwich (not asked for)? And did Ninja ask for the chips? Because that was not specified.


And the fact that Ninja specified that he didn't ask for the sandwich... Is that to prove he isn't a sexist who demands food from his bra-less wife? Or is this another hint that this strangely specific tweet is, in fact, not real? 


The community was even more shattered at the concept of this tweet floating around in non-esports circles when his wife sent a bone-chilling reply that cringed true gamers to their core. Am I in a fever dream? Is Jessica Blevins okay? What kind of chips did she bring him? I just don't understand. I don't want to understand. 



I luckily wasn't alone in my frantic fever dream about Ninja's bra-less wife and her unasked for sandwich. Other esports people also couldn't believe their eyes. Was this a real tweet meant to be taken seriously? Was this really going to be seen by boomers who already can't stand us? Is "pics or it didn't happen" still a thing? Collective minds were racing and the esports industry was about to collapse. 


Source: Twitter



Like yes, these responses are funny. I was almost in tears at the hair salon as I read them. But is it worth the meme material? Is it worth the jokes? Because Ninja is still out there. He's on the loose, spreading demented and skewed tweets about being a League of Legends player to the general public.


It's worse than that tiger that got loose in Texas. That tiger is already forgotten. But Ninja will strike again. He will tweet once more. And non-esports people will question why esports exists more than ever. Why is esports a thing? Why are these people famous? Do all esports people like this? Do they all demand chips from their bra-less wives? We are not sending our best people to represent us! 

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