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There is a huge pool of weapons in Valorant that players can pick from. However, as is the case with most FPS games, the choice of weapon in Valorant can greatly affect the outcome of a battle. Although every gun in the game is potentially dangerous when used properly, some, simply put, perform better than others. To give a better idea and help the players, we have assembled a tier list ranking every weapon (excluding melee weapons) in Valorant.


Operator(5000 Credits)

The Operator is undoubtedly one of the best weapons to go for in full buy rounds. Its pick potential cannot be matched, and players with good aim will thrive on the weapon. The Operator is capable of killing any agent with any level of armor in a single shot, given that the bullet lands above the waist level. 


Pairing up Operator with an agent that has access to dash or blink, such as Jett, takes the weapon to a whole new level. She can use her Updraft ability to reach unusual locations and then use the Operator to pick out unsuspecting enemies.

Phantom (2900 Credits)

Phantom has established itself as the go-to weapon for most players. It has a decent mag size and can hold up to 30 bullets at a time. The spray pattern of Phantom is easy to control and which makes it a beginner-friendly weapon. Furthermore, Phantom has a silencer and doesn't leave any visible traces behind. This makes flanking and pushing aggressively through smokes much easier as the enemies will have a hard time pinpointing your location.

Vandal (2900 Credits)

Although Vandal has a slightly steeper learning curve, it is no less than Vandal when it comes to overall performance. A headshot with Vandal at any distance will always be a kill. The gun can pump out consistent and high damage even in long-distance engages, which is something the Phantom is not capable of doing. Vandal is best suited for players that are confident in their tapping ability and can rely on their burst fire rather than constant spraying. This is mainly due to the noticeable kick that Vandal produced during rapid firing, which is much more significant than Phantom's recoil.

Odin (3200 Credits)

Odin is slowly creeping up in popularity, and rightfully so. The fully automatic machine gun has an extremely high fire rate and also boasts the biggest mag size(100) in the game. The bullet penetration feature in the gun allows players to wall bang spots that aren't typically feasible. The only downfall of the weapon is its random spray pattern which can be difficult at times to control. However, crouching and using ADS while shooting significantly reduces the issue making it much easier to use.


Spectre (1600 Credits)

For its extremely cheap price, Spectre is one of the best value-for-money weapons in the game. It is very easy to wield, and the recoil produced is next to none. Spectre is also one of the only few weapons in the game that allow players to run and gun. Overall it's a well-rounded weapon that can be used in most scenarios.

Sheriff (800 Credits)

At 800 credits, Sheriff offers the potential to one-shot fully shielded targets at close to medium distance. It has the highest damage out of any other pistol in the game making it truly lethal. However, the Sheriff is by no means an easy weapon to use as it has very strong recoil. Spamming is almost impossible with Sheriff and tapping precisely is the key to using it effectively. 

Ghost (500 Credits)

Ghost has been a staple weapon in Valorant since the game's release. Not only it is usually the superior weapon in pistol rounds, but it's also a great weapon to save when you do win the initial pistol round. Ghost's massive 15 round magazine, high rate of fire, and extremely low cost make it a very efficient pick. Unlike most pistols in the game, Ghosts is also effective in mid to long-range combats and can give other high-tier weapons a run for their money.

Ares (1600 Credits)

Much like Odin, Ares is a great alternative to the top-tier assault rifles in the game. It is essentially a cheaper version of Odin and can provide similar value in most cases. There isn't one particular aspect that makes Ares a standout weapon, and it is a jack of all trades. It has a large magazine size, decent fire rate, and can also penetrate walls. Ares is a more defense-oriented weapon and pairs up very well with Controllers and Sentinels.

Judge (1600 Credits)

Judge is a fully automatic shotgun that reigns supreme in Close-quarter combats. It is a powerful weapon that is capable of taking down multiple enemies in a short amount of time. Judge is also great for holding corners and tight angles where the enemies are usually least likely to check. 


Stinger (1100 Credits)

The 100 Credits increase to its overall price and the change to its spray pattern has definitely brought down the viability of Stinger. Just a few patches ago, Stinger was dominating the meta with everyone using it even in full buy rounds, however now it's nowhere near as effective as before. This being said, the weapon is still deadly in short-range fights and is a very good option on economy rounds.

Bulldog (2100 Credits)

Bulldog is often referred to as the budget version of Vandal and Phantom in Valorant. It is cheaper but also less impactful than both the aforementioned rifles. It has the slowest fire rate in the assault rifle class, which often minimizes the damage output. However, Bulldog is a great cheaper alternative for players looking to save Credits. It is a fully automatic gun when hip firing but can also utilize burst mode during ADS.

Classic (Default)

One can never go wrong with the old faithful of Valorant. Classic is the default weapon that costs zero Credits. It doesn't excel in one particular aspect but is a reliable choice in most cases. Due to very little recoil produced, Classic is great for spamming bullets. Sticking to Classic will also result in a better economy and opportunity to buy Shields/abilities in pistol rounds.

Frenzy (500 Credits)

Much like Stinger, the 100 Credits increase in its cost has pushed the gun out of the meta. Not being able to buy Light Shield during pistol rounds due to the increased cost of Frenzy puts it at a disadvantage against a lot of pistols. The damage on the weapon is also mediocre and nothing to brag about. This being said, Frenzy is still effective in the hands of aggressive players that like to run and gun.


Bucky (900 Credits)

Bucky received a hefty nerf in the current patch of the game. The spread of each bullet on both the left-click and right-click(alt-fire) was reduced severely, and as a result, Bucky is nowhere near as powerful as before. The only saving graces for Bucky in the current state are its cheap price and the ability to one-shot anyone within 8 meters distance.

Marshal (1000 Credits)

Marshall is a single-shot weapon that falls under the high-risk high reward category. Players that can consistently land headshots will find success with Marshall, but that's about it. Unlike the Operator, it cannot one-shot players that are equipped with Shields, and being a single-shot weapon you will likely die in the counter fire. The most suitable window to use Marshall is right after the pistol round when the majority of players would be running without Shields.


Guardian (2,400 Credits)

Guardian might be the least popular weapon in the game. It's too expensive for its value, and there are better options available that are cheaper than the Guardian. The gun has a nasty recoil, and most players won't be able to control it effectively. The low fire rate doesn't make it any better, and it's simply better to either save Credits or buy cheaper weapons such as Spectre or Bulldog.

Shorty (200 Credits)

Shorty is the cheapest weapon in the game after the default Classic. It is essentially a mini shotgun that can hold up to 2 bullets. It is extremely short-ranged and is only good for holding corners and tight angles. Shorty is capable of instantly bursting down the enemy, given that both its bullet land on target accurately. However, the high damage doesn't compensate for its sluggish reload speed and lack of range.

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