SypherPK, Ludwig, Amouranth, Voyboy, and more to compete in Twitch chess tournament

Source: Dallas Morning News


Chess has continued to take over chess thanks to all of the popular streamers that have decided to learn and broadcast the ancient strategy game. 


Now over 20 content creators will compete in the Botez Bullet Invitational. The chess tournament will be hosted by Alexandra and Andrea Botez and broadcast on their Twitch channel on Wednesday, May 5 from 2 PM to 4 PM CT. 


The Botez sisters have become popular personalities in the chess community. Alexandra is a talented chess player and commentator. She holds the title of Woman FIDE Master. Her younger sister Andrea hosts the BotezLive Twitch and YouTube channels, where the two create chess content. 


At the end of 2020, the sisters signed with Envy Gaming, launching a creator network and ambassador program. They are also exclusive Twitch partners thanks to their growing popularity.



While the sisters hosting the tournament is already a major draw, the chess tournament is sure to be a hit thanks to the 20 streamers participating in the competition. Some of the most popular participants include:


SypherPKLudwigQTCinderellaMoistcr1ticalBenjyfishy5upppMizkifKaceyTronAmouranthVoyboyNeeko, and SweetAnita.


The chess competition will be bullet chess, a fast-paced chess style that allocates only one minute for each player total. That means the games are only two minutes long each. That means the tournament will only run for an hour total. The points will be tallied and a winner will be announced. 


Chess has continued to grow popular on Twitch at an astronomical rate. It's grown 700% since the beginning of 2020. This is thanks to personalities like the Botez sisters and Chessbrah. Traditional chess players have also fought for the game to become more approachable to beginners by celebrating the streamers who have made chess mainstream. 


The Botez Bullet Invitational is on May 5, bringing the epic personalities from across gaming together to show off the chess strategies they've been practicing. 

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