From function to form, the Secretlab MAGNUS redefines the concept of the gaming desk


Secretlab is known for its best-in-class gaming chairs, but its newest product, the Secretlab MAGNUS, is a metal desk optimized for gaming, complete with a magnetic ecosystem. 


Let's take a closer look at the plethora of ways the Secretlab MAGNUS can up your gaming experience.




The MAGNUS was built enitrely in-house by Secretlab's product and R&D team and was engineered and manufactured using a full metal chassis, something not previously thought to be possible in desk design due to weight. The MAGNUS stands 29 inches tall with an extra 8 inches of extendability and can bare the weight of 220.5 lbs on the table top. In addition, the rear cover can hold 55.1 lbs all on its own. 


The Secretlab MAGNUS comes in two sizes. The small size — 3 feet, 11 inches in length — would be a misnomer if not for the larger size boasting a length of 4 feet, 11 inches. The width for both sizes is 2 feet, 3.5 inches. 


Since it is made entirely of MDF with steel, one can assume that the Secretlab MAGNUS is quite durable. However, should the desk endure damage or should its features stop working, a five year warranty is available. (More information about the warranty can be found by clicking here.)




When it comes to features, what the Secretlab MAGNUS boasts is even more impressive than the pioneering approach to its build. The aforementioned magnetic ecosystem plays a crucial part in the prioritization of cable management in the MAGNUS' design. Three magnetic cable anchors on the side of the desk and a magnetic power cable sheath on the front side of the back-right leg of the desk allow for organized, functional storage of multiple cables. 


The features of the Secretlab MAGNUS' modular magnetic system don't stop there — the headphone hanger on the front-right underside of the desk is magnetic, and the unique offset tray design of the rear cover allows for even more storage should it be needed for spare cables and other gaming accessories. 


Lastly, the Secretlab Madpad will cover the magnetic surface of the MAGNUS in full. The standard design for the leatherette desk pad is Secretlab's Signature Stealth, but two variants themed around esports organizations Team Liquid and Cloud9, respectively, are also available as options. 


From function to form, the Secretlab MAGNUS redefines what a gaming desk can be and what it can do to enhance the gaming experience. 



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