[Fanart Friday] Mortal Kombat

Last week the Mortal Kombat movie hit theatres, taking us all into the (Nether) realm of everyone’s favorite gore-packed fighting game franchise. To celebrate the film’s release (and our obvious re-watch this weekend), we’ve curated some of the best fan art from around the web to share in this week’s Fan Art Friday.

As always, make sure to click here for even more MK fan art from our curation! 


We’re starting off this week with an amazing film-poster-styled illustration from Fezat1 on DeviantArt. The piece features all the main players of the movie, with newcomer Cole Young in the foreground. This piece is so fantastic, that we could easily see this poster acting as a cover for a comic-book tie-in for the film. 



There was an impressive amount of traditional art created around the Mortal Kombat series, and this watercolor of the siren Sinden grabbed our attention right away. The detail on the armor and the hair is spectacular, and we love the swirling colors of the smoke surrounding her. Kudos to the artist, Point-Maitimo



There is cosplay of a lot of Mortal Kombat characters, but then there is KOSPLAY like this revenant Kitana from AliciaMarieBody. The attention to the facets of the headdress and armor is incredible, and we love the threading on the fan blades. A wonderful bodypainting also allows the character to really present as the returning dead. 



This animated gif from artist TrustPixels on DeviantArt has our blood running cold, as fleks of frost float across the screen. A subtle wind blowing SubZero’s cowl is an excellent touch and adds an extra level to the animation. We’re going to just watch this on loop while listening to the ridiculous (yet official) SubZero song. 



We couldn’t feature SubZero but not Scorpion, so here is a brilliant rendering of the character inspired by MK Deception. Artist PitBOTTOM did an excellent job in adding hyper-dramatic lighting to Scorpion, emphasizing the fighter’s muscular physique and classic armor. 



When scrolling through countless images of seductive lady-ninjas and gore-packed fatalities, this humorous illustration from fear-sAs gave us a much-welcomed respite. Not only is it funny, but it’s very well done. The shape language of the portly lightning lord is brilliant, while small details like the individual strands of straw poking from the hat grant some texture. 



On the opposite end of the upper-body spectrum is this digital painting of an eight-packed Kano. In DoctorAnfelo’s rendition of the Black Dragon mercenary, a warm orange tone ties the entire piece together, from Kano’s eye to the background, to the device on their chest. The artist also does a stellar job of lighting and skin tone, keeping most of the body in shadow, while not allowing the image to get muddy. 



Finally, we’ve got this awesome piece from artist cahnartist inspired by the casting of Mehcad Brooks. An aggressive grain ties the whole piece together and adds a cinematic yet retro atmosphere to the digital painting. The balance between the red of the fire and the rich blues of the night sky do well to give a natural visual flow to the illustration, and we’re excited to keep watching the artist for what they create next. 


That’s it for this week’s Fan Art Friday, but remember you can see even more Mortal Kombat inspired art and cosplay here! FRIENDSHIP! 

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