Upgrading from a fan to a superfan with Secretlab Overwatch edition Chair

The Secretlab Overwatch chair is the perfect chair for Overwatch League fans. After sitting in one and gaming in one, I've come to realize how important a nice quality chair is to my lifestyle.


I switched from a normal office chair to the Secretlab Omega Overwatch gaming chair. It was a huge upgrade, especially all the different ways you can adjust it to fit your personal good posture. For example, you can change the height to fit your desk, so I am no longer too short for my desk -- it sounds small but the difference feels great!

Another thing I enjoy is the armrests -- you can move the arms forward and backward, as well as angling them inwards and outwards. All you do is press the simple button on the inside of the armrests. This chair can also be tilted from a straight-up angle to leaning all the way back.


Secretlab Overwatch chair: Comfort

When I am sitting at my desk for hours watching Overwatch League, being able to adjust the chair helps with staying relaxed and comfortable. I have always had bad posture when watching things on my computer, gaming, or editing, and this chair is much more supportive for fixing my posture. It was hard to adjust to at first because I used to always be hunched over when at my desk, but now I sit straight up due to the supportive back of the Secretlab chair. 


Secretlab Overwatch chair: Design

The material itself is high quality and comfortable. As someone who designs and sews clothing, I can appreciate the contrast stitching that is perfectly done on the chair. The design of the black chair is complemented nicely with orange accent panels and tastefully added Overwatch logos on the front of the chair.

The back has the same logos, but they are positioned standardly in the middle. It is cleanly designed and the logos are added in a way that does not overcrowd or make the chair look too busy. 


Secretlab Overwatch chair: The transformation


Check out how this chair helped me bring my Seoul Dynasty D.Va cosplay to life. 


In this TikTok featuring the Secretlab Omega Overwatch gaming chair I wore a Seoul Dynasty Staple Jersey and transitioned into a custom Seoul Dynasty outfit. Design process and influences for the Dynasty blazer and shirt. I then transitioned to a custom Seoul Dynasty D.Va cosplay. I bought this suit custom printed and added the logos myself with iron-ons. I used the Razer D.Va headset for this cosplay as well and painted it to fit the Dynasty’s colors.

Thank you for the chair, Secret Lab! It will never leave my gaming table.

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