SKT Peanut: "I couldn't help thinking: 'Man, I'm so good!'"


In March 22nd, SK Telecom T1 might have lost Game 1 against Longzhu Gaming, but they have proved once again that they will not be defeated in more than one game per day. With today's victory, SKT is only one match win away from winning the regular season of 2017 LCK Spring Split.

Today's post-match interview from OGN was done just with Wangho "Peanut" Ho, as he was chosen as the sole MVP for both games that SKT won. He did a decisive Baron steal in Game 2 and pulled more than his weight by making crucial plays while not dying even once in Game 3.


During the interview, Peanut mentioned how knew that LZ's PraY-GorillA duo would be out for his blood again. He said, "They [PraY and GorillA] told me that they will be out to get me before the previous match, and I was surprised that they actually kept true to their words. So, I knew that they are likely to try that again, and they indeed were out for my blood in Game 1."

As expected from someone in a team that never failed to make a comeback after losing Game 1 in this season, Peanut was certain that they've won Game 2 and 3 because the feedback after losing Game 1 was done well. In fact, he boasted that he was well aware of how great he had been doing in Game 2, saying: "I couldn't help thinking: 'Man, I'm so good!'". Peanut suggested that such confidence allowed him to do also well in Game 3.

As for Junsik "Bang" Bae abandoning Ezreal - his signature champion - for Lucian in Game 2 and 3, Peanut defended Bang by blaming Huni and himself. He said, "In Game 1, the toplaner and jungler did so poorly that it affected the game all the way down to the botlane. However, I think Bang chose to play as Lucian instead of Ezreal in Game 2 and 3 just because he thought Lucian would play better against Ashe."

Finally, he concluded the interview with a warm message to his fans and broadcasting staff by saying: "I would like to thank the fans and broadcasting staffs for enduring a long match, and I hope that you all can return home safely."

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