Why the FARA 83 is one of the best rifles in Warzone Season 3

Source: Activision

The FARA 83 might be the best all-around assault rifle in Warzone Season 3. This assault rifle was already solid in Season 2, but ever since the nerf to the FFAR 1, the FARA 83 has come into its own as the weapon of choice for many Warzone players. What makes this rifle amazing is its fast time to kill, its high damage shots, and most importantly its ease of use.

What makes the FARA 83 the best rifle in Warzone?

The FARA 83 has a lot of things going for it. It has an awesome damage model that rivals the AK-47 for the highest damage per bullet. At the same time, it also has a fast fire rate, so you can potentially deal damage very quickly. The biggest challenge with this gun is its recoil pattern, which moves up to the right for the first eight or so bullets, then moves up and to the left for the rest of the magazine. As a result, this gun is best in short and medium-range conflicts and will struggle at longer ranges, in a similar fashion to the FFAR 1.


The maximum damage to the body with this weapon is 31 damage, regardless of where you hit them in the body. This is distinct from many other rifles, where you have to hit them in the torso or upper torso to deal full damage. So this weapon does have an advanced recoil pattern, but also requires less precision to deal its full damage.


The FARA 83 in Warzone features an 800+ RPM fire rate according to my calculation, which is one of the fastest fire rates of any AR in Warzone. As a result, its time to kill a fully armored opponent is around 650MS, which is definitely decent. 


What I love most about the FARA 83 is how fun it is to use. Sometimes guns that are near the top of the meta aren't particularly fun to use, the AUG falls into this category for me. The FARA is a joy to use. It feels powerful, the kick isn't so bad that you can't control it, but is difficult enough that kills are satisfying. So this gun is not only top tier in power level, it's also enjoyable to use.



To make the most of the FARA 83, check out our FARA 83 definitive attachment setup guide for this rifle!

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