[Guide] Best FARA 83 setup to use in Warzone Season 3

Source: Activision

The FARA 83 is currently one of the best Assault Rifles you can run in Warzone Season 3. The gun is fast firing, has a forgiving damage model, and is overall just a really fun gun to play with. If you are looking for a new gun to try out that isn’t the FFAR 1 or the AUG, the FARA 83 might be a good rifle to play around with.


While the FARA 83 won’t be your weapon of choice for long-range encounters, in close and medium-ranges, this gun can absolutely destroy your enemies. We put together a tested, proven loadout that is sure to help you dominate your enemies in Warzone Season 3.

Best attachments to use for the FARA 83

  • GRU Suppressor
  • 19.5” Liberator barrel
  • KGB Skeletal Stock
  • VDV 50 Rnd fast mag
  • Serpent Wrap


This setup will reduce the accuracy of the gun a bit, in exchange for increased damage, range, mobility, and control. Considering the biggest drawback of this gun is its control, it is definitely worth sacrificing a little bit of accuracy in this case so that you can more easily handle this weapon in Warzone. With this FARA 83 attachment loadout, the FARA 83's smooth handling almost feels more like an SMG than an AR. 


GRU Suppressor

The GRU Suppressor is almost always the right pick for the FARA 83 in Warzone Season 3. It will keep you stealthy and harder to find for enemies by concealing your muzzle flash entirely, while also decreasing the verticle recoil of your weapon slightly. In exchange, you will take a hit to your bullet velocity and ranged damage.


19.5” Liberator barrel

The Liberator Barrel will offer you a full 100% increase to your bullet velocity, which more than makes up for any velocity lost due to the suppressor. In exchange, you will have as slower walking speed while aiming-down-sights.


KGB Skeletal Stock

The KGB Skeletal Stock is a fantastic attachment that will give you back all of your ADS walking speed and more. It will also increase your Sprint to Fire time, which will help keep you mobile while using this gun. With this attachment equipped, the FARA 83 handles noticeably better, especially in short-range encounters where this gun already excels.


VDV 50 Rnd fast mag

The VDV is definitely the best magazine for the FARA 83 assault rifle in Warzone Season 3. It increases your magazine size all the way to 50, while also increasing your base reload speed by 35%. The only drawback is a -25% hit to your ADS time, which isn't a big deal with we are going to get that back with the Serpent Wrap attachment.


Serpent Wrap

I run the Serpent Wrap to gain back the 25% ADS time lost with the Magazine selection. If you are running another Magazine, consider using another wrap like the GRU Elastic Wrap instead, since they offer some more significant benefits if you don’t need to claw back your ADS speed.

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