No Org wins 2021 LCS Spring Proving Grounds in 3-1 triumph over Cloud9 Academy

Source: Paul de Leon for Riot Games 


No Org has won the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series Spring Proving Grounds in a 3-1 finals victory over Cloud9 Academy. No Org is the first Proving Grounds champion ever, and has further solidified itself as the strongest team in the North American amateur scene. 


Cloud9 Academy qualified for the finals of the LCS Proving Grounds without dropping a series. Its run included handing No Org its only loss of the tournament, and after dropping to the lower bracket, No Org swept 100 Thieves Academy to get its rematch against C9 Academy in the finals. 


No Org's first win of the series came right off the bat in game 1, and was punctuated by a Pentakill courtesy of AD carry Ross "Value" Luppino's Tristana in a pivotal teamfight around the dragon pit. Cloud9 Academy equalized the series, looking much more like the team that qualified for the finals of Proving Grounds without dropping a series. Despite the counterpunch, No Org did not lose a step, and stormed back in game 3 to take the series to match point. 


C9A got the head start in game 4, in large part due to strong individual and team-focused play from top laner Darshan "Darshan" Upadhyaya's Gragas, but No Org top laner Omran "V1per" Shoura and support Terry "BIG" Chuong continued to coordinate flawless engages, as they had all series, to turn multiple lategame teamfights to keep NOR's gold deficit close. Finally, No Org took the gold lead just shy of 32 minutes in a 3-0 teamfight, a second dragon, and a Baron Nashor. 


With superior execution in nearly every teamfight from behind in gold, the game was relatively methodical for No Org to close out. Cloud9 Academy AD carry Calvin "K1ng" Truong continued to be stuffed despite a high individual threat level, and No Org took the fourth game and the series along with it. 


Of the sixteen times amateur teams faced off against Academy teams at the 2021 LCS Spring Proving Grounds, seven of the games were won by the amateur side. In defeating C9A in the finals, No Org accounted for three of those seven wins alone. 



The win is made all the more meaningful by the fact that this series was the last time No Org will play together with its current roster. As indicated by the team's name, these former LCS and Academy players are looking for opportunities to return to the spotlight, and given the team's performance throughout the amateur scene thus far, it's quite likely that multiple members of the team will be joining LCS or Academy teams for the Summer Split. 

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