[Mixtape Monday] Animal Crossing


Welcome to Mixtape Monday! We’re again sharing some of the best video game-themed music around.


Earlier this month was the Animal Crossing franchises’ 20th anniversary. A game most would describe as nostalgic and relaxing, the music in Animal Crossing can be described the same way. Additionally, music made by the fanbase is both beautiful and incredibly diverse.



If you’re someone who’s had to regularly wake up very early, the original song 5AM by Dezphos will resonate with you. It sounds like it could be an official song.


The gentle, warm atmosphere the song creates is the perfect soundtrack to living in that weird world of being up before everybody else. As someone that routinely has to work very early, songs like these are what put a smile on my face in the dark morning. It just might for you too. 




Twelve hours later, 5PM by Yung Bae takes the funky vibe of the original song and somehow multiplies it by one hundred. The vibe feels similar to an electronic dance song from the 90s, without straying away from being distinctly Animal Crossing. It’s unique, funky, and fun.



Next we have a K.K. Crusin’ remix by aivi & surahassu. So much to say about this one. The aesthetic is gorgeous—somehow blending elegant piano melodies with chiptunes to create a song that’s hard to pinpoint the date of its creation. The dissonance of the piano at times helps contribute to the already raw sound the song has.


Additionally, the arrangers’ sense of what made K.K. Cruisin’ a great song in the first place is dead on. The music never tries to shift in tone or energy, and keeps you consistently engaged in the same vibe throughout. In the words of the creators, “the heart of the song was its groove.”



Focusing in on New Horizons, this remix of the Main Theme by KLYDIX packs a punch. The confident bass and supporting arrangement completely change the mood of the original motif. The way it builds up to a second drop is flawless and unpredictable, and keeps the song engaging throughout. 



Sorry, I needed to cover another Main Theme remix, because this one by ASDEK is just as awesome as the last. One of the more popular songs listed here, I can’t help but want to dance whenever hearing the beat drop. It’s super fun, but also emotionally engaging as it transitions to the second half’s acoustic section. Even little voice samples of Rover sprinkled throughout somehow fit. 



Definitely the most unique of any of the songs we’ve talked about, “One for Kapp’n” by Grimecraft and Maxo is an exciting explosion of samples and beautiful melodies. While on first listen it could be written off as too messy, the barrage of fresh ideas the song throws at you come very well constructed and make for an entertaining soon throughout. 



Our final song is this wonderful jazz cover by insaneintherain music. If you haven’t listened to his music—he makes incredible multi-instrumental jazz songs by himself—this rendition of the Wild World title theme being my favorite. Animal Crossing with jazz elements is a surprisingly fitting combination, and this is perfect proof of that.

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