[Guide] Best loadout for the Swiss K31 sniper rifle in Warzone

Source: Activision

The Swiss K31 was added to  Warzone in the Season 3 patch on Wednesday. It is a bolt action weapon the excels in the same sort of medium and long-range encounters that the Kar98k is known for. In the right hands, this weapon can do some serious damage and is sure to be one of the meta-defining weapons of Warzone Season 3.


Here are the best attachments to use for the Swiss K31 sniper rifle in Warzone!


Overview of the Swiss K31 sniper rifle

The damage on the Swiss K31 sniper rifle is comparable to the Kar98k, delivering one headshot potential within a certain range. Some have already started referring to the Swiss K31 as the Kar98k killer, and while I am not certain if that is the case the nickname certainly speaks to how effective this weapon can be in Warzone Season 3.


The Swiss K31's low move-while-aiming speed is its biggest drawback for me. The standard rifle keeps you very stationary while you are scoped in, which can be a death sentence in Warzone. Luckily there are some attachments that will help improve the handling of this weapon and make it a little bit more suitable for a battle royale.


I found that attachments that enhance the ADS time, bullet velocity, and stability worked really well with this gun. Since this gun is strong even without attachments, the attachments you choose don't always have to make up for a glaring problem with the gun. As a result, you don't have to level this weapon up very much to create a strong build.

Best attachments for the Swiss K31 sniper rifle in Warzone

  • Flash Hider or Sound Moderator
  • 23.6" Rapid-fire barrel

  • Axial arms 3x Optic
  • Tactical Stock
  • Speed Tape

Flash Hider or Sound Moderator

The Flash Hider kills two birds with one stone. It increases the aiming stability of this rifle, while at the same time helping conceal your location on the map. I don't find the handling of this weapon to be so unbearable that I think the Flash Hider is essential, but it is a nice quality of life improvement and the concealment value of this attachment alone makes it a great choice when you are trying to snipe without drawing attention to yourself.


Alternatively, you could throw on a Sound Moderator instead of a Flashhider if you are looking to stay stealthy. In Warzone, the Sound Moderator also kills two birds with one stone by concealing both the sound and the visual flash of your rifle. If you go with the Sound Moderator, you will miss out on the improved stability, but it might be worth the trade depending on your playstyle.


23.6" Rapid-fire barrel

The Rapid Fire barrel significantly improves the firing rate of this gun. This barrel might not be right for those who can consistently land their headshots, but for the rest of us who often hit the body instead of the head, the follow-up shots matter. Having a faster rate of fire is often the difference between getting a kill and your enemy getting away, so I appreciate the improved firing rate that comes with this barrel.


Axial Arms 3x Optic

Truthfully, you can use any optic you want, and the default is actually pretty usable if you are looking to free up an extra attachment slot. I personally liked the Axial Arms 3x Optic. I find its crosshairs to be very easy to use, and the 3x magnification was about right for the medium to long-range duels that I am looking to take when I play with the Swiss K31.


Tactical Stock

I like the Tactical Stock on this weapon because it mitigates my biggest issue with this gun, the ADS movement speed. Slow ADS speed throws off my entire sniping groove and makes it hard for me to peak corners with this rifle. The Tactical Stock increases your movement speed while aiming by a noticeable margin, resulting in more fun to use rifle.


Speed Tape

The Speed Tape isn't necessary, but it does give a boost to your ADS speed that can make the difference in some situations. This attachment goes well with the Tactical Stock and the Rapid Fire barrel mentioned above to ensure that you are always ready to react as quickly as possible to whatever might happen. 

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