Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters who were nerfed to smithereens

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has continuously had updates that buff and nerf fighters on the roster in an attempt to balance the game. But 11.0.0  had more nerfs than usual, prompting YouTuber Larry Lurr to create a list of the most nerfed fighters in Smash since the fighting game's launch. 






Every time Palutena receives a nerf they are pretty significant changes, noted Lurr. In Patch 7.0, Palutena had her neutral air nerfed, removing it from the list of best moves in the game. It could start combos, set up kills and edgeguards, and it had a big and long-lasting hitbox. Nintendo reduced the knockback, making the window to combo out of it larger — this took away the move's ability to KO as easily. 


Then in 11.0, Palutena had dash attack, forward air, and grab nerfed. Her grab used to be one of the best in the game. She could punish attacks with her shield grab quite effectively. Now she can't punish attacks as easily with this grab thanks to the nerf. 


But despite all the nerfs, Palutena is still considered an S-tier fighter in most trusted tier lists. While the changes were effective, Palutena is still relevant in top-level Smash. 





With Wario continuing to dominate the pro scene, Nintendo set its sights on the farting fighter in 11.0. Waft used to be Wario's strongest attack, even able to 0 to death opponents with ease. The hitbox was disjointed and the attack was active for a long time with a quick cooldown. 11.0 aimed to change this — and it worked. 


Waft and up tilt were nerfed. The fully charged Waft had three extra frames added after the update, making it harder to hit with this formerly OP move. 


"This was a pretty solid nerf to Wario's ability to make comebacks or snowball matches," Lurr noted, adding that the window to KO with Waft is a lot smaller now. "It's less consistent than the previous combos." 


Wario is barely holding on to his top-tier spot after this nerf. 


Mega Man



Lurr noted that many Smash players have probably already forgotten Mega Man's nerf. Fans in the comments admitted that they actually forgot Mega Man existed in general. 


Mega Man was great near the start of Ultimate's existence. Before 2.0, Mega Man could cancel the end lag of his jab and forward tilt by jumping or dropping an item. Mega Man had great offense because of this. He even had a 0 to death combo with his Metal Blade — or at least do serious damage. 


Then in 3.0, Nintendo took aim at Leaf Shield. It was given two extra frames of start up and end lag, making it more punishable. Mega Man's ability to cancel the Leaf Shield by running and throwing an item, reducing the safety of the move in most situations. 


"These nerfs pushed Mega Man from a top tier character to high tier," Lurr said. "Unfortunately, we will never know how good Mega Man truly was before the nerfs." 





When Ultimate was first released, Olimar was one of the best fighters on the roster. There was a reason Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby was making waves with the unexpected character. Olimar had a tight hurtbox, making him hard to hit. His forward smash was also pretty rewarding. 


In 3.0, Olimar's forward smash and side special were nerfed, causing them to do less shield damage. This update didn't boot Olimar from top tier, but it was definitely a new obstacle for Olimar mains. But Nintendo wasn't done with the Pikman protagonist. 


Patch 3.1 nerfed Olimar even more. His forward smash was given three more frames of end lag and had a reduced sweet spot by two frames. It was harder to connect at this point. His up smash was also given three more frames of end lag, making him easier to punish. 


Olimar's hurtbox was increased later on. This was unfortunate, since Olimar was already weak to a lot of edge guarding after the other changes. His shield didn't even cover his entire hurtbox. This was increased in 7.0, covering his entire body once again. But this buff didn't completely save Olimar from the other changes. 





"In my opinion, Pichu is the most nerfed character in Ultimate so far," Lurr said of the Pokemon. 


He was mid to high tier near the beginning of Ultimate's existence. He was hard to hit and had good kill power. But his forward tilt, his most reliable kill move, had its knockback reduced in 3.1. This nerfed his kill power. This update also nerfed his hurtbox, making him easier to hit. 


The final nerf Pichu got was an increase in damage to himself when he performs electric attacks. He is the lightest character in the game, so added damage is pretty detrimental.


While Pichu has received some buffs since, Lurr noted that he's nowhere near as good as he once was. Pichu has moved all the way down to C tier or lower in most reliable tier lists, meaning he's no longer a high tier fighter that dominates the competitive scene. 


So what do you think? Who are the most nerfed fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Which fighters were once viable and reliable and are now underwhelming? Which fighters need a buff? 

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