ROX Sangyoon: “Our next match will be the most important one.”

On March 21st (KST), Day 36 of the LCK Spring Split 2017, ROX Tigers defeated bbq Olivers 2-1 in the second matchup of the day. Sang-yoon “Sangyoon” Kwon swept the game with Jhin and Caitlyn as the team’s AD carry.

Below is our post-match interview with Sangyoon.



How do you feel about winning today?

I thought we won’t make it to the playoffs, but our coaches cheered us up saying “we shouldn’t give up as long as there is still a chance.” Today’s victory is especially meaningful to me.

It seems like your bot lane duos are learning to play as a team.

They’ve shown great improvement since the beginning of the Season but there’s still a long way to go. I want to see a 30% improvement. They are learning to play together. I think being friends with each other is also really important.

You were having some hard times against the enemy Varus today.

We weren’t really planning to play Varus and didn’t think bbq would pick Varus either. But it wasn’t that hard to win against him. I think the game would have gone more smooth if I didn’t make that mistake in Set 1.

Some people say that you are less skilled at Ezreal than you are at
Jhin and Ashe.

I tried to pick the champions that would assist my teammates, which were Jhin and Ashe, and got used to playing them. I think I should start practicing my skills with Ezreal. Ezreal is one of the top tier champions right now, but I didn’t get enough chances to practice.

What is your idea on Lucian in the current meta?

I’ve been playing Lucian a lot recently and I’ve also played against him, but I don’t think I would pick him instead of Ezreal. Lucian is strong in lanes and effective in late game, but Ezreal is a stronger champion in many ways. Even if Lucian has 2 core items, Ezreal is still stronger.

Set 3 was a particularly remarkable victory for you guys.

I knew we could win this when we were winning bot lane. We definitely had more advantages in exchanges with level 6 Malzahar.

You still have 3 matches to go through before the Season ends. Do you think you can make it to the playoffs?

We will be playing against MVP, SSG, and SKT. I’m not afraid of MVP, but I'm not really sure if we can win against SSG or SKT. That’s why I think our next match against MVP will be the most important one. If we lose that match, then that’s it for us; we won’t make it to the playoffs. If we win, there is still a chance for us.

It looks like MightyBear is doing a great job in shot-calling.

MightyBear is not doing all the shot-calling by himself. His gameplay style used to be very different from that of Seonghwan’s. Seonghwan liked to have the whole map in his sight, while MightyBear focused on ganking. I think MightyBear is getting better at shot-calling after he adapted Seonghwan’s gameplay style.

Any last words?

We must win our next match, which will determine whether we are moving on to the playoff or not. If we lost against bbq today, Jin Air would be relegated to the promotion tournaments so they should thank us for that. I wish ikssu and SnowFlower (Jin Air) best luck!

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