SSG Ruler: “I watched the match replays from a long time ago and..."

On March 21st (KST), Day 36 of the LCK Spring Split 2017, the first matchup of the day ended with SSG’s 2-0 victory over Jin Air. Jae-hyuk “Ruler” Park was especially impressive with Jhin, one of the picks that Ruler is known for, and Ezreal today, and did an amazing job in leading the team to victory.

Below is our post-match interview with Ruler, the AD carry for SSG.



How do you feel about winning today?

It was not a flawless victory for us, but I’m happy that we could win 2-0.

Today’s victory was your 11th victory of the Season and you ranked second among the teams.

I’m happy about that too. But we still have a long way to go.

Why do you think it was not a flawless victory for you?

We should have started snowballing early in the game but we made some mistakes and couldn’t snowball enough. I guess we weren’t careful enough because we were winning.

How would you evaluate your game performance today?

My teammates were amazing and they did everything for me. They carried me today. [laughs]

You will be playing against SKT T1 very soon.

It’s not like they are undefeatable, but it will be hard for us to win if we make the same mistakes we made today. We won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

It looks like Bot Lane is going to be the most important Lane for that match.

Bang and Wolf are really good, but we stand a chance of winning if we continue to play as well as we did today.

It’s been a while since you started playing in LCK.

When I wasn’t doing very well, coach Choi told me to look up the match replays from a long time ago and see how I used to play. So I did and found out how bad I was. [laughs] I feel much more confident now.

The opponents picked Lucian today. Is Lucian a good champ in Solo Queue?

Blade of the Ruined King is a really good item for Lucian. It will definitely help him fight effectively in lanes, but he can be a double-edged sword. If the team lose their lane, there isn’t much he can do.

SKT T1 is known for the using Lucian and Lulu together. What do you think about this composition?

It is an effective composition. I have to practice playing a variety of champions, too.

Would you let Bang (SKT T1) choose Ezreal, or are you going to play Ezreal?

I want to play Ezreal. I think he is a top tier champion. I’m almost 100% sure. [smiles] If you can hit the enemies with your skillshots, Ezreal is the best laning champion.

Any last words?

We will be playing against SKT T1. We will try our best to win and will definitely do better. I’d like to ask for your support. Please cheer for us, and thank you!

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