Overwatch tests Baptiste healing nerf in latest experimental patch

Source: Blizzard Entertainment

A brand new experimental patch is live on Overwatch servers now. The latest patch features a number of small but relevant buffs and nerfs to eight different heroes. Most notably, the new patch is testing a rework that would functionally nerf Baptiste's healing ability and immortality field.


April 15th Overwatch experimental patch changes 


The developers introduced a small rework for Baptiste's healing abilities. His biotic launcher's base healing was reduced from 60 to 50 health, but biotic grenade direct impacts will now restore 20 extra health per hit. So while the base amount is going down, an accurate Baptiste with a single-target focus might actually be able to heal more.


The developers also lowered Baptiste's Immortality Field minimum threshold health from 20% to 10% of player health. This means that the Immortality field will offer less health protection than before, making it easier for teams to finish off opponents even if an immortality field was used in combat.



D.Va received a fun little buff in the latest experimental patch. When she calls her mech, she will now deal 250 damage instead of 50 damage to enemies that it lands on. So when a D.Va calls in her mech, squishy characters better clear out, because that orbital drop is finally going to do an appropriate amount of damage.



The developers are testing a small nerf to Echo. When her Duplicate ultimate ends she will no longer return to full health. Instead, she will either return to the original amount of health that she had when she activated her ultimate, or she will return to 100 HP, whichever number is higher. This is a small change but will help balance her ultimate ability ever so slightly.



The developers are testing a reduction to Orisa's Halt! cooldown from 8 seconds to 6 seconds. This isn't a huge change, but it would mean Orisa can use her halt about three more times a minute, assuming she always uses it as soon as it is available (which is unlikely).



The developers are testing a change that would reduce Reinhardt's armor from 250 to 200, which would functionally lower his total health+armor from 550 to 500. If the developers were to keep this change, it would be a significant nerf to the Zarya+Reinhardt rush strategy that has dominated upper-level play in recent months.



The developers are testing a buff to Roadhog's Scrap Gun on the experimental patch, with his damage per projectile dealing 6.6 damage instead of 6 damage. Roadhog fires 25 pellets per shot, so this change would increase his possible damage-per-shot by 15.



The final change being tested on the latest experimental patch is a buff to Sombra's stealth mode. In the latest patch, Sombra's fade time was reduced from .75 seconds to .45 seconds, so she will appear and disappear more quickly. The developers are also testing a speed buff to the Stealth ability, with her movement speed bonus moving to 60% from 50%.

These changes are currently being tested, but the Overwatch developers usually push the majority of experimental patch changes to the live servers a couple of weeks after the release of an experimental patch.

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