Heroes of the Storm

Spring champions MVP Black defeats L5 3-1 to win HGC Eastern Clash



The first Eastern Clash welcomed the return of spring champions MVP Black.


On March 19 (local time), MVP Black faced off against L5 in the grand finals of Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Eastern Clash held in Shanghai, China. In the semifinals of the winner’s bracket, Black defeated L5 3-2 in the full series and did the same in the finals 3-1 to claim the Eastern Clash trophy, effectively becoming the best team in the east.


Game 1 of the grand finals took place in Curse Hollow. Although L5 secured the first tribute, they accumulated minor mistakes and gave up kills from the second tribute. L5’s Muradin overextended and was picked off, while Malfurion wasted a valuable Twilight Dream, in which Black didn’t miss the opportunity to take five kills in that instant. As things were looking down for them, L5 burst down Boss after confirming the enemy team’s location to draw out the fight to level 20. L5 did succeed in defending the top fort, and sCsc on Nazeebo reached level 20 where he can shine. In response, Sake on Falstad split pushed to apply pressure to buy time for his team to get their own Boss. Black overpowered the following teamfight against L5 to take Game 1.


Black’s KyoCha pulled out his pocket pick Murky in Game 2 of Sky Temple. L5's NacHoJin on Falstad bullied Murky’s lane, while the rest of L5 defeated Black in the subsequent teamfight. Jeongha on Zeratul and Noblesse on ETC secured the bottom temple to widen the already-large lead. Though Black’s Murky tried his best to ambush when L5 was working on Boss, it was not nearly enough. After the level 20 point, L5 decisively won the teamfight in the toplane where Murky’s Egg was placed and evened the series 1-1.


In Game 3 of Infernal Shrines, Black’s merryday drafted Uther to counter Jeongha’s Zeratul. merryday specifically targeted Zeratul and held on to Divine Shield to deter L5’s preemptive assault. Past the midway point, Black’s Sulfuras Smash-Expulsion Zone AOE combo denied L5 to accrue small leads. After long, sustained teamfights, Black managed to tear apart the members of L5 to summon a Punisher. With the Punisher on their side, Black massacred L5 to get to the match point in the series now at 2-1. Notably, Sake on Ragnaros shined with Molten Core in providing superior firepower in the final teamfight.


Black’s Lúcio employed a hit-and-run strategy in Game 4 on Tomb of the Spider Queen. No matter how hard L5 attempted to force a teamfight, Black shook them off balance and dropped members of L5 in response. As they successfully denied the opponent’s gem turn-ins, Black widened the level gap even more. Whenever L5 saw an opening, Sake on Falstad used Mighty Gust to push them away, while Lúcio saved his teammates with Sound Barrier. Black started to play the macro games when the level difference got to three. Black baited out a teamfight when their Falstad on bot lane and initiated with Mighty Gust. Even though L5 looked to bounce back in the teamfight, they were no match for level 20 Nazeebo’s raw damage output. When L5 tried to take the mercenary camp, Black caught sCsc on Valla out of position and won the series 3-1 as well as the Eastern Clash trophy.



HGC Eastern Clash Grand Finals Result

Final Score: MVP Black 3 vs. 1 L5

Game 1: MVP Black Win vs. Lose L5 – Cursed Hollow
Game 2: MVP Black Lose vs. Win L5 – Sky Temple
Game 3: MVP Black Win vs. Lose L5 – Infernal Shrines
Game 4: MVP Black Win vs. Lose L5 – Tomb of the Spider Queen


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