[LCK Today] DWG KIA becomes Spring split champions and punches their ticket to MSI

Image via DWG KIA Facebook

On April 10, DWG KIA faced off against Gen.G in the 2021 LCK Spring finals. DWG KIA managed to take the clean 3-0 victory against Gen.G, and punched their ticket to the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, which is scheduled to take place in Iceland. 


The game 1 victory for DWG KIA was through their bot duo. With an eccentric bot lane, Senna-Heimerdinger, their bot lane, Ghost-BeryL, was able to get priority around the map by being able to constantly push the lane in. In teamfights, Sion was able to make the key engages that DWG KIA needed, with Senna-Heimerdinger following up accordingly. DWG KIA managed to lock down Gen.G’s key carries, taking game 1 and leading the series 1-0.


A series of bloody battles ensued in game 2. Ruler’s Tristana managed to pick up most of Gen.G’s kills and became a wrecking ball that Gen.G needed. However, DWG KIA stayed vigilant, even when they were behind; they managed to capitalize on Gen.G’s forced engages to come back into the game, and Ghost’s Xayah also scaled just as well as Ruler’s Tristana. With both teams gunning for the enemy’s bot laner, DWG KIA came out victorious in the battle of the ‘Protect the AD Carry’ game. 


Unlike game 2, game 3 blew up early. DWG KIA’s snowball started with Canyon’s successful ganks on Udyr. They managed to capitalize on their lead by winning all the teamfights for objectives, eventually taking the dragon soul and Baron buff. At that point, it did not take long for DWG KIA to close out the game, and capture their first Spring split title in the LCK.


2021 LCK Spring finals results

DWG KIA 3 - 0 Gen.G

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