[LCK Finals] KR Reactions: “Thank you, Clid. I believed in you."

*All images and reactions in this article have been scrapped from popular KR LoL communities such as LoL Inven, DC Inside, and FM Korea.


Please make it 5 games…

ㄴ And please let the winner go to the MSI and slaughter everybody…

ㄴ I don’t care who wins… I just want the finals to go 5 full games.



ㄴ ShowMaker’s trashtalk class haha


What I’m wondering right now is how the hell did T1 win the championship last spring? DWG and Gen.G both had the same members.

ㄴ It was after MSC when teams were really awoken. T1 just got worse.

ㄴ Gen.G had no synergy. They just pounded the weaker teams and reached the finals.


???: Today’s the day… Bdd, Ghost… I’ll see who the culprit was…

ㄴ Today we will surely know!

Game 1

OMG Heimerdinger support!!!

ㄴ Now, THIS is the finals!!!

ㄴ Ghost doesn’t seem that happy lol

ㄴ Gen.G gave Ghost Senna, this is over now.


*First Blood*

T1 and DWG KIA are completely different! DWG KIA hits hard from the beginning regardless of their picks!

ㄴ Yeah, T1 would have lied low and aimed for the late game.

ㄴㄴ Gen.G doesn’t know where they are because they beat T1 3-0.

ㄴ Thinking DWG KIA would do the same as T1 is just stupid.

ㄴ Swapping lanes without Shelly is simply disadvantageous.


It doesn’t seem that Gen.G is bad… But…

ㄴ DWG KIA is just that good!

ㄴㄴ They’re really nuts

ㄴ I know, Gen.G is doing really well too… It’s just not good enough.

ㄴ They’re just at another level.


Insane TP reaction from the oldest player in the LCK

ㄴ Khan is soooo good…


Ruler’s 4-man engage!

ㄴ If it weren’t for Khan, it would have been an Ace.


Could DWG KIA stop Aphelios in the late game?

ㄴ Senna’s range will get really long

ㄴ Khan’s just gonna stop him

ㄴ Viktor and Senna

ㄴ It’ll be horrific for Aphelios if Viktor starts putting on a laser show



ㄴ Dumb voters under-evaluating Ghost

ㄴ 1st team bot laner getting his ass whooped by 3rd team bot haha





???: Bdd, if you’re truly an ace, you need to play 5 mens’ worth…

ㄴ Chovy is truly entitled to say that.


???: You’re kidding me, right? You didn’t ban Sion?

ㄴ So Gen.G has to ban Senna, Sion, Udyr, Seraphine, Hecarim, Gnar…

ㄴ There are never enough ban cards against DWG KIA!

ㄴ You shouldn’t blame Gen.G for not banning Sion Udyr Senna… Would you rather give up Seraphine Gnar Hecarim?



ㄴ 2nd team support, right?


???: Khan, you son of a b… Why didn’t you play like that here?


Game 2

If DWG KIA wins with this draft, Gen.G’s gonna lose 0-3.

ㄴ Their mentality will be completely busted.

ㄴ The zoo comp!


Zoe picked up TP haha

ㄴ Free TP thank you!

ㄴ Aside from that, Bdd’s form since the last series has been amazing


Do NOT doubt Ruler getting the All-LCK First Team!!

ㄴ Ruler is the best-ever ADC

ㄴ Ruler the emperor!!


WTF is Clid doing there?!?!!

ㄴThat was such a hard throw

ㄴ Clid must be possessed by Effort


Kill score means nothing

ㄴ Huge snowball started by Clid

ㄴ Rumble fell hard but Gen.G just threw the game here


This graph kinda looks like my stocks…

ㄴ GENGcoin falling hard


???: Thank you, Clid. I believed in you

ADC vs ADC just WOW

ㄴ The dream of all ADC players


???: Top dif top dif KEKW

ㄴ Better top win! haha

???: Top carry GG XD neener-neener


14/2/8 loss… Poor Ruler…

ㄴ Ruler is innocent…

ㄴ Bdd and Clid threw hard…

ㄴ Bdd and Clid, the twins threw together


???: I miss you...

ㄴIt’s not over till it’s over. Get up Ruler!


Meanwhile in the T1 team house…

???: Why was I voted on the All-LCK second team?


???: So… How are LCK’s ADCs?

???: Ghost third team…? Okaaay...

Game 3

???: Sion Again????

ㄴ???: Come on, just one more time…


When DWG KIA plays fasting Senna, they really become a 5-man carry team.

ㄴ 85% winrate proves it


Seriously, the jungle difference is way too big.

ㄴ Canyon is just damn good at LoL.


Gen.G didn’t do badly in picks & bans… It’s just that bans don’t mean a thing against DWG KIA.

ㄴ This.

ㄴ There are just too many champions to ban against DWG KIA.

ㄴ Gen.G even had the better draft in Game 2.


….Wait… My chicken isn’t delivered yet…

ㄴ Gen.G’s mentality is blown away

ㄴ Looks like they gave up after losing game 2.


Gen.G called Khan a Sion one-trick… And they can’t stop him…

ㄴ I really don’t understand why Gen.G isn’t banning Sion and Senna.


Gods of LoL

ㄴ They’re gonna own MSI.

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