DK ShowMaker: "I want to play against FPX [at MSI], roam towards the top lane to kill him like three times. Nuguri, you better be ready."

Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast


The 2021 LCK Spring finals came to its conclusion. Despite many experts expecting a closer series between the two, DWG KIA was able to clean sweep Gen.G 3-0 and became the 2021 LCK Spring champions. Tonight's victory marked the first time that DWG KIA won the Spring split in the LCK, and looks to continue their dominant run at the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational, with a chance to bring back another Worlds slot for the LCK.


DWG KIA joined the broadcast for a post-match interview with the Korean LCK casters, and shared their thoughts on the victory and the upcoming MSI.

Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

Thoughts on the victory?


kkOma: I’m very happy right now, and I’m honored that I get to do it with the staff and the management that I work with. I’d like to thank everyone, including the coaching staff and the players for all their hard work.


When were you certain that you secured the series victory?


kkOma: In game 3, every one of our players were winning lane, so that’s when I thou… I lowered my guard (laughter)

Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To PoohManDu) Thoughts on the victory?


PoohManDu: I’m very happy about tonight’s victory, especially because our players performed phenomenally.

Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To Ares) Thoughts on the victory?


Ares: I didn’t expect a 3-0 victory tonight, but I’m very happy and grateful that our players played well tonight.


When were you certain that you secured the series victory?


Ares: I think I was also in the same boat as kkOma. Around the 6-minute mark of game 3, we had such a huge advantage that there’s no way that we would lose.


How did you feel when the team came back from a deficit in game 2?


Ares: I was slightly relieved, but I didn’t get too ahead of myself.

Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

Khan, you became the top laner with the most number of LCK championship victories. Tonight’s victory marks your 5th victory. How do you feel?


Khan: I’m very happy that I was able to meet an organization that could carry a player that’s nearing his endgame. I think I can die happy, but won’t die just yet, because we still have a lot of tournaments to win (laughter).


Before the team locked in Sion in game 3, it looked as if the team had a lot to talk about. Do you like playing Sion?


Khan: I love playing Sion. I always say that the credit for all of our victories goes to my teammates, so Sion’s great to help them carry.


During the series, you received a shoulder massage from kkOma.


Khan: I felt that I barely had anything to do with our game 2 victory. I told them that I’ll play to have more impact in game 3, so he gave me a shoulder massage.


Now that the series is over, was there a specific champion that you prepared for tonight?


Khan: I was planning to play Akali, but it got banned out. I can even play Garen. If my team allows me to, I was ready to even play top Nami and Soraka. 


You’re now heading to MSI in Iceland. This is your third time heading to MSI, so can you share your resolutions for the upcoming tournament?


Khan: They say third time’s the charm, so I think it’s finally my time to win the tournament. I had good teammates in 2018 and in 2019, but we failed to win, so I really want to win this year. 


Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To Canyon) How do you feel about the victory?


Canyon: I thought that tonight’s series would be a lot tougher, but glad that it ended in 3-0.


You continue to build your legacy as not just the best jungler in the world, but also as the best jungler in history. How do you rate yourself right now?


Canyon: I don’t think I’m there just yet, but I want to continue working hard and improve.


Now that you’re heading to Iceland for MSI, is there a specific player that you think of as a rival? Is there perhaps a player that you’re learning from?


Canyon: I think there are a lot of junglers in the LPL, so I’m very curious to play against the LPL team.


Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To ShowMaker) Thoughts on the victory?


ShowMaker: I really didn’t expect a 3-0 victory, but I’m very happy that we were able to take down a really good team 3-0.


Everyone played phenomenally tonight. Who do you think deserves MVP tonight?


ShowMaker: I believe that our jungler always deserves to be named MVP. He played incredibly tonight as well, so I think he deserves it.


Does everyone else believe that Canyon deserves to be named MVP?


Ghost/Khan: (Nod)


How did the matchup against Bdd feel tonight?


ShowMaker: He played very well. It was tough trying to CS against him, but our big brother in the jungle, Canyon, ganked mid a lot, so I had a swell time.


If DWG KIA wins MSI, the organization will have won every single major tournament in LoL Esports. Is there a team that you’d like to face at MSI?


ShowMaker: I don’t really have a particular team that I want to play against. If I really had to choose, I’d choose G2 Esports… but I don’t think they’ll even make it to MSI (laughter). It’d be cool to meet Nuguri, so I want to play against FPX, roam towards the top lane to kill him like three times. Nuguri, you better be ready.


Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To Ghost) Tonight, not only did you become the 2021 LCK Spring champions, you also secured your 200th LCK victory. How do you feel?


Ghost: I’m thrilled to have won 3-0 tonight, and want to tell my teammates that they did a great job.


Your victory in 2020 Summer marked the first time that you won a championship. You shed a lot of tears that day; did you become used to winning at this point? What does it feel like?


Ghost: I’m just as thrilled as I was back then, but instead of crying this time, I want to smile.


What’s the secret behind winning the finals four times in a row?


Ghost: The secret behind winning all these finals is my teammates and my coaching staff. Not only do they all work very hard, they also perform very well.


For you, this will be the first time heading to MSI. 


Ghost: I’ll make sure to win the tournament and bring back another Worlds slot from MSI.


Screenshot grabbed via LCK Broadcast

(To BeryL) Thoughts on the victory?


BeryL: I was fated to win, so it all flowed really well.


So is DWG KIA winning just a part of destiny?


BeryL: I believe that everyone has their own destiny, so I didn’t really think too much into it.


Your interview last year was impactful to say the least. Is there anything that you’d like to say in particular?


BeryL: I wanted to play Shaco support during the split, but I’m sad that I wasn’t able to play it once.


What are your plans afterwards? 


BeryL: I was planning to quickly win the series and just lie in bed with my iPad (laughter).


Is winning MSI a part of destiny as well?


BeryL: I don’t really think too much about the future, so I’ll focus on the present.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


BeryL: I’d like to thank my friends, family, and the fans for all their support, and I’ll make sure to win MSI. 


(To kkOma) MSI is a very important tournament, as it also means securing another Worlds slot for the LCK. Can you please share your resolutions for the tournament?


kkOma: I really wanted to win Spring this year, because DWG KIA has never won the Spring split before. I’m very happy that I get to be a part of the first time that DWG KIA won Spring, and I also want to be there when the team wins their first MSI. Please continue to send us your support.

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