[Photonews] Flashbacks from pre-COVID-19 LCK Finals


Due to COVID-19, things have changed in lives worldwide. It had a lot of influence on the esports world as well and all the matches transitioned into an online format. LoL Park, which was always noisy with the roaring of the fans, is empty and quiet. There even were players that were diagnosed with COVID-19.


Although the players always work hard to show their best performance, but as the finals is nearing, we all miss that feeling of being at the scene, right in front of the stage seeing the players play and hearing the sounds of the crowd.


The finals had been held online since the 2020 spring season, and the 2021 spring finals is nearing, again, in an online format. Before we head to the finals, let's have a look back at the scenes we miss, the LCK finals of the past few years.


2018 LCK Spring - Busan Sajik (April 14)

2018 LCK Summer - Incheon Samsan (Sep. 9)

2019 LCK Spring - Seoul Jamsil (April 13, 2019)

2019 Summer - Korea Univ. Hwajeong Dome (Aug. 31)

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